Canadian diplomats suffered from the “acoustic attack” on Cuba

In Cuba, due to the unknown impacts have hit at least five families of canadian diplomats. This is with reference to the source reports CBC News.

Exposed to the “acoustic attack” Canadians are faced with such problems as hearing loss, dizziness and headaches. However, the interlocutor of the edition noted that all the victims recovered from these symptoms.

CBC News indicates that the embassies of Canada and the United States in Havana from the end of 2016 began to realize that in their homes something strange is happening — in housing, they felt unnatural, some heard strange sounds and felt the vibration body. Other victims of the “acoustic attack” reported that noticed an inexplicable effect ceases when they leave their homes, and resumed with the return.

According to the U.S. state Department, part of the American diplomats and their family members who suffered from incomprehensible sounds (only those, according to current data, 21), diagnosed with a “slight traumatic lesions of the brain”. Explanations were not found even after Cuba had sent the FBI and canadian police, according to the source CBC News. Also, investigators have no suspects.

About certain incidents in Cuba, which resulted in the injured state Department employees and their relatives, it became known in August. Washington therefore recalled Havana on international obligations to protect diplomats, however, Cuban authorities have denied any involvement.