North Korea has threatened to drown Japan and beat US like a mad dog

The North Korean authorities threatened to drown Japan and beat US like a mad dog for the introduction of new sanctions against Pyongyang. It is reported the North Korean Agency KCNA, citing the statement of the representative of the DPRK Committee for peace in the Asia-Pacific region.

“You need to drown unsightly four Islands of the archipelago of Japan Juche nuclear bombs in the sea. Japan should not exist side by side,” — said in a statement.

In addition, the document contains a call to “turn the US into ashes”. “The army and people of the DPRK unanimously strongly claim that you need to destroy the United States, the main enemy fabricated a “resolution on sanctions”, cudgel, like a mad dog”, — said the Agency.

KCNA also quoted the representative of the Council for national reconciliation. He noted that “the South Korean authorities should seriously ponder over our warning”, because it “should practice”.

September 13, the DPRK foreign Ministry issued a statement in which he fully rejected the new sanctions of the UN Security Council. Two days earlier, Pyongyang warned that Washington “will face the greatest pain and suffering in its history” if you continue to insist on strengthening the sanctions regime against North Korea and will not stop trying to promote the UN security Council “illegal resolution”.

A day earlier, the UN security Council unanimously adopted a resolution on the introduction of new restrictive measures against the DPRK due to held in the beginning of the month nuclear testing.