Most despised man in the US was sent to prison

Martin Shkreli

Businessman Martin Shkreli, guilty of fraud with securities has violated the conditions of his bail and would be re-detained. It is reported by The New York Times.

Shkreli recently promised to pay five thousand dollars to anyone who would pull a strand of hair ex-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and bring him in. The court decided to cancel the Deposit of five million dollars once saw in his actions a threat to society.

The businessman will remain in custody until January 2018. If his lawyers can prove that their client is not a danger to society, then let him go before then.

Shkreli has earned a negative reputation among Americans, when acquired the rights to manufacture the drug Daraprim (pyrimethamine), often used to treat toxoplasmosis in HIV-infected and AIDS patients, and raised the price from 13.5 to $ 750 for a pill. For his entrepreneurial activities, he received the title of most hated man in the United States.