American student shot classmates

In high school in Spokane in the us state of Washington, one of the students opened fire, killing at least one person. Reported by the Associated Press.

Eyewitnesses say that the young man was armed with a pistol and a rifle. One of the friends of arrow, seeing the weapon, attempted to stop him, but was shot. Another three people were injured.

The Twitter account Breaking911 has a photo and the name of the alleged killer. His name is Caleb Sharpe (Sharpe Caleb).

Breaking911 (@Breaking911)
14 September 2017, 02:33

Familiar with the shooter’s claim that he was “obsessed” with stories about mass killings in the school.

5 September in the school suburban Settlement was attacked. According to investigators, a pupil of the 9th class came to class late and inadequately responded to the made by teacher observation. After that, the teacher went into the hallway where they first talked in a raised voice, and after he attacked her with a kitchen cleaver. Then, upon entering the class, the teenager began to shoot from the Pneumatics and detonated homemade firecrackers.

The woman suffered a traumatic brain injury, it operated. Also injured three students who were injured jumping out of Windows. One of the girls broke the spine.