Admission to the sky: which girls aspire to become military pilots

Ksenia Kolesova dreams of a military aircraft with seven years

© Kristina Brazhnikova/TASS

Did you know that the world’s first female military pilot appeared in Russia? It was the Princess Yevgeniya Shakhovskaya in 1911. However, aviatrissa, as they said, it was not the first. Her pilot, however, a civilian, was Lydia Zvereva. And the world’s first civilian pilot was French Baroness Raymond de Laroche.

During the First world war women were pilots of different aircraft, from balloons to bombers. Widely known and exploits of Soviet pilots during the great Patriotic war. However, all this did not prevent the stereotype that to be a pilot, especially military — occupation is exclusively male. To try to break this pattern, TASS spoke with several girls who clearly know that stereotypes are not for them.

Tatiana Sachko, Armavir, Krasnodar Krai

— And you did not say — will not make the hair cut. Under the flight helmet to not interfere, for example?

What? No! Oh no! — sincerely frightened and touched his hand to long, to the waist, hair nets Tanya, one of the candidates for admission to flight school.

— What happened? Why?

— Well, I’m a girl, and long hair is feminine.

Tanya is a real girl — all around in pink, next to a huge Teddy bear named “in honor of him who gave it.” Cameras, Souvenirs, books…