The best and worst passports of the world-2

The best and worst passports of the world-2

To be a Russian became more profitable.

Matter how talented the person, the limit of its possibilities in the majority of cases is determined by the place where he was born and where he lives. In this case the determining factor will be not just a city or a country, and the passport: it is possible to understand what the conditions of life available to the person initially, and which can be obtained, for example, when moving to another country. Whose passport is more valuable, trying to figure out a consulting company Henley & Partners, who presented the second “Index citizenships of the world” (Quality of Nationality Index, QNI), created in collaboration with Dimitri by Kochenower, Professor in constitutional EU law at the University of Groningen.

The authors of the study tried to give an objective assessment of various nationalities, examining their practical value. Taken into consideration as freedom of movement and the possibility of living in other countries, guaranteed to passport holder and living conditions in the country where the person was born. In total, we studied indicators of citizenship 195 countries and territories, which as a result were divided into five categories — from the highest to the lowest.

The methodology of the index

The rankings are the authors of the index of the nationalities of the world QNI took into account a variety of factors, all of which affect a person’s life. Of them were allocated to seven main, which are divided into internal and external. The first group includes: the scale of the economy, human development, social order and stability, while the second was the number of available countries for living and tourism, as well as their level of development.

Components of the rating and their weight in the overall assessment of the quality of citizenship

Each of the above criteria was evaluated on the basis of third party data and indexes. Thus, indicators of internal factors was calculated on the basis of GDP, human development index, which is published annually by the UN, and the global peace index, compiled by the Institute for Economics and peace. And to understand which countries may be visited by a holder of a passport, the creators of the QNI from Henley & Partners drew on their own index of visa restrictions and the database of the International air transport Association.

The rating included the citizenship of almost all countries—UN members plus Kosovo, the State of Palestine, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), Hong Kong and Macau. In addition, the “Index” included the non-citizens of Latvia, Lesse passe Israel, EU citizenship and all legal status provided by the UK. Not included in the list of citizenship partially recognized territories of Abkhazia, Arab Democratic Republic (so he calls himself the unrecognized government of Western Sahara), South Ossetia, Transnistria and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The most attractive citizenship

In the new — higher — categories only representatives of the European Union. Their passports give the greatest opportunity for man — both in terms of standard of living and freedom of movement between countries. And heads the QNI continues to Germany — however, compared to 2015 year its rating has decreased on 0,4%, to 82.7%. And now ahead of France and Denmark very meager 0.3%.

Note that in almost all EU countries, represented in this category, decreased the index of the quality of citizenship compared to the previous edition. The exception was France, which received additional points for growth in the number of places where its citizens can freely move. “This is due to updating the methodology for calculating the index of the QNI and the addition of French overseas territories with their own immigration control. Unlike French citizens, who are free to live and work in almost all these areas, access to some of them (New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna Islands) for citizens from other member States of the EU may be limited,” the report says Henley & Partners.

10 worst nationalities in the world

At the very bottom of the ranking was the passport countries with extremely low standards of living, virtually (or even completely) have no agreements on the free visiting other States. For example, the people of Afghanistan, whose passport in 2016 was the worst able to attend only 24 countries. For comparison: Germany has visa-free agreements with 176 countries. And free to move to another country the citizens of Afghanistan generally can not.

At the bottom of the ranking are mainly countries where in recent years did not stop military conflicts. For example, in Afghanistan, the civil war lasted for several decades. A few years do not stop fighting between government troops, rebels and soldiers of the so-called “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) in Syria, that for years covered by the fighting divided into two independent States Sudan.