Gudkov said about his preparation for the election of the mayor of Moscow


RIA Novosti

Ex-Deputy of the state Duma Dmitry Gudkov has declared that begins preparation for elections of the mayor of Moscow in 2018.

“We are starting a new campaign. Begin to prepare for the election of the mayor, and our staff continues to work. No legitimate election of the mayor without our participation is impossible, we are the second political force in Moscow, to be reckoned with,” said Gudkov. Earlier he said that he created together with the party “Yabloko” bloc “United Democrats” got 266 seats of municipal deputies held in Moscow on 10 September elections.

Gudkov also has not excluded that on elections of the mayor will go with the head of the Moscow branch of the “Yabloko” Sergey Mitrokhin “one team, for example, the mayor and Vice-mayor.”

Earlier on Monday, the Mitrokhin has declared that he will run for mayor of Moscow and hopes to pass the municipal filter to use the votes of United Russia.