The Embassy of Russia has considered a mockery of the comments of the state Department about the searches

Russian diplomats strongly criticized the comments of the official representative of US state Department Heather Nauert relating to searches and inspections of Consulate General of Russia in San Francisco and the Russian trade mission in Washington. This was reported on the website of the Russian Embassy in Facebook.

Statements Neuert that searches and inspections of Russian diplomatic facilities have been “walks”, the Embassy described as a “frankly humiliating”.

“In fact, we are talking of unprecedented steps, contrary to bilateral conventions, international law and the domestic law of the United States,” — said the Embassy.

Diplomats wondered — where is the guarantee that the purpose of such “walks” us secret service representatives the next time will not come with the RAID in other Russian objects of departmenti? “Or at representative offices of other States in the United States. If diplomatic immunity is so easily withdrawn by the American side, what to expect next?” noted diplomats.

August 31, the United States requested to close until September 2, the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco and to cease the use of the building trade delegation in Washington and new York. 2 September, the government held in these buildings activities, which Russia has described as searches. The state Department said that it — “the bypass” and “on”

As explained in the White house, the decision to close Russian facilities were a response to the reduction of the U.S. diplomatic presence in Russia.