Sands said the announcement about the development strategy of the presidential campaign

Dmitry Peskov

Media publications about the development strategy of the presidential campaign, no more than a theoretical reflection. Such opinion expressed press Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov. His words on Tuesday, September 12, the correspondent “”.

“Scientists plucked the rosary hypothetical possibilities within the legislation. Yes, in law you can go from the party, you can go to the independent candidate. Now, all these possibilities are sorted out, trying to guess what the options would be triggered if the President will go on elections”, — said Peskov.

He also said that “political considerations” reports that the Kremlin allegedly started compiling a list of trusted identities of Vladimir Putin to campaign in 2018. “You know that the President has not announced his decision [to run]. The President’s administration is guided by the time when the President announced his decision. This is our work,” added the spokesman.

According to him, “get ahead of ourselves nobody is going to”.

Earlier on Tuesday the newspaper “Kommersant”, citing unnamed sources said that the nomination of Putin in the next presidential elections will be held in two stages. The first step is allegedly made in November, when the current President will agree to participate in the campaign. The second stage, according to the publication, will be the legal registration of participation in the presidential race.

In August, the residents of Buryatia, Putin asked whether he intends to participate in elections. The head of state, in response, promised to think about it.

The Russian presidential election in March 2018. The new head of state will hold office for six years.