Mei called the adoption “of the bill abolishing the” laws of the EU “historical”

Mei called the adoption “of the bill abolishing the” laws of the EU “historical”

British parliamentarians in the second reading adopted the “bill on the abolition of the” laws of the EU. Now the bill will be submitted for further consideration. Theresa may has said of the decision of deputies as “historic”.

The adoption of the second reading in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament a bill on the abolition of the European legislation throughout the country is a “historic” decision. This was after a vote of deputies Prime Minister of the Kingdom Theresa may. The live broadcast of the meeting of the house of Commons led by the Guardian newspaper.

The Parliament took a historic decision to uphold the will of the British people and vote for a bill that gives certainty and clarity to our exit from the European Union.Teresa Mypremier Minister

“Although that’s not all, this decision means that we can continue negotiations on a firm basis”, — said the politician, noting also that the British government “continue to encourage MPs from all parties to work together to support this vital legislation.”

The bill “to repeal the laws” of the EU to the UK Parliament passed earlier, on 11 September. According to him, once the country will come from the EU in March 2019, the European laws will be transformed into vnutribrtnnoe. For this initiative in the lower house of the British Parliament voted 326 deputies. Vs, in turn, voted 290 deputies.

The opposition labour party, in turn, voted against the bill. However, the votes of party members is not enough to change the election results.

This is a very disappointing result.Kir Storecrestor labour party

This bill, the politician added, “is an affront to parliamentary democracy”. “It leaves rights unprotected and silences the Parliament on key decisions,” explained Starmer, adding that it will make the process Brexit “more uncertain” and “will lead to chaos, when Britain will need unity and clarity.”