IKEA Place will allow you to “try on” furniture before you buy and… without leaving home

IKEA Place will allow you to “try on” furniture before you buy and… without leaving home

This month is expected to yield the IKEA app Place iOS 11, using the augmented reality technology from Apple and allows you to “try on” new furniture to purchase and in the home.

How often are people trying to better equip the apartment, going to choose the furniture — and it usually takes a lot of time and effort, buy any and, arriving home, discover that, for example, purchased a chair. To solve this problem and have developed an application IKEA Place. It uses augmented reality technology built into the new (not yet released) operating system Apple iOS 11. The platform allows you to overlay digital images on the image obtained in real time from the device’s camera.

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The developers claim that this feature will work with amazing accuracy. So, the scale of the object will be using the camera (more precisely, using software that takes into account the real dimensions of the surrounding objects), and users can even see the shadow he casts (and thus be able to think in advance how best to change the lighting).

Currently available app from IKEA that lets you do something similar, but with far less accuracy. With the help of the IKEA Place, as noted, will be to study the furniture from all sides and enlarge it so that will make it visible fabric structure. Photos simulated of the room can then send, e.g., friends for evaluation.

It is expected that the IKEA app Place will become available to iPhone and iPad users with the release of new iOS 11 this month.