London police spoke about the new method of dealing with terrorists

London police spoke about the new method of dealing with terrorists

To prevent terrorist attacks that are committed by terrorists in the cars hitting pedestrians, police in London have developed a new method. About it reports The Times, citing a statement by the British police.

To stop “autotarget” the police offered to use a special chain with tungsten studs. New means have got the name Talon (“Talon”). This network is deployed on the road in front of a moving vehicle.

After the machine runs into “the Claw”, a spiked stick in the wheel and entangle them, after which they cease to spin and the car loses speed.

Such networks can be deployed around the venues of mass events, ensuring the safety of their participants. According to police estimates, to deploy a “Claw” in less than a minute the two employees. However, she is able to stop a truck weighing up to 17 t

“This equipment is undoubtedly can potentially save lives and is just one of a number of measures aimed at ensuring the protection of pedestrians in London”, — commented on the innovation, a police spokesman. The new equipment was shown to the viewers before, during the parade on Whitehall.

Terrorist attack with the use of the van occurred in London in June. June 3 the car of the terrorists began to knock down pedestrians on London bridge. After that it jumped a few people with knives and began to attack passers-by. All the terrorists were liquidated by the police. The victims of the attack were eight people, about 50 were wounded.

A similar series of attacks the terrorists launched in August in Spanish Catalonia. On 17 August the van crashed into the crowd on La Rambla in Central Barcelona. As a result, 14 people died, hundreds more were injured. Another group of terrorists made an attack in the municipality of Cambrils, which injured seven people.