The police will inspect all the polling stations in the suburbs

Law enforcement officers will inspect all the polling stations in Moscow on the eve of elections. In the inspection cycle dogs. On Friday, September 8, RIAMA reports with reference to the representative of the main Directorate of the interior Ministry of Moscow region Yury Sorokin.

“We on Saturday will check all 1,2 thousand polling stations”, — said Sorokin. According to its results will be drawn up acts, then the police will take all sections under the clock security.

He stressed that the personnel is ready to work in a single day of voting.

On 5 September, the Moscow region Governor Andrei Vorobyov at the meeting of the regional government urged local authorities to organize elections in the municipalities at the highest level.

September 10, in the single voting day, 20 urban counties, and 14 municipal districts of the Moscow region will be elections to the Councils of deputies. In addition, there will be a by-election of deputies of Moscow regional Duma in the urban district of Elektrostal.