The number of victims of the earthquake in Mexico has reached 90 people

The number of victims of the earthquake in Mexico has reached 90 people

The earthquake, which occurred on Friday, September 8, in Mexico killed 90 people. Seismologists have recognized the disaster the strongest over the last hundred years that occurred in the country.


In Mexico, victims of a powerful over the past century, earthquakes have become 90 people, reports Reuters.

According to the representative of the public authority of civil protection, Jesus Gonzalez in the southern municipalities of Oaxaca killed 71 people. Local authorities added that at least 15 people died in the neighboring state of Chiapas, and another four killed four local resident in the Northern municipality of Tabasco.

Previously President Enrique peña announced 65 dead. Currently the country has three days of mourning.

According to data from the National seismological service of Mexico, the magnitude of the earthquake was 8.2, and its epicenter was located in the South-East of the country in Chiapas, the center lies at a depth of 58 km. After the earthquake, seismologists have recorded another 62 aftershocks. Because of the aftershocks there was a small tsunami, the height of the waves does not exceed one meter.

Element damaged buildings in Mexican cities, as well as left without electricity for about 200 thousand people.

A few days before the earthquake off the coast of Mexico, after hurricane “Irma”, was formed tropical storm “Katya”. His gusts reach 65 km/h. He passed through French and British overseas territories in the Caribbean and is currently moving toward US.