The son of the actor of theatre of a name of Stanislavsky fell out of the window

Four-year-old son of the soloist of the Moscow academic musical theatre of a name of Stanislavsky Eugene Lieberman fell from the second floor window. On Saturday, September 9, reports Mcgi.

The incident occurred around 15:00 in Moscow on the street Kuusinen. Lieberman was at home with my son. His wife Tatiana Polyanskaya, pianist of the State Symphony Capella behalf of Polanski at this time was at the gym.

According to the newspaper, Eugene was away from the room where the boy was playing on the kitchen to call a cab. Hearing the roar, he returned to the room, saw the open window and looked out into the street — the child was lying on the pavement.

Arriving medics took the victim to children’s hospital of a name of Speransky. He was diagnosed with cerebral contusion. For the life of a child fighting doctors intensive care. The police interrogate parents.

On the eve of an eight month old son of rapper MiyaGi fell from the window of the ninth floor in Moscow. The child died.