The court asked not to protect

The court asked not to protect

Discerned the Ministry of education accused of pandering to the owners of the stolen dissertation — this is stated in the Declaration of the community, transferred to “b”. Fighters plagiarism criticize the draft government decree, authorizing not make the decision about deprivation of degree, if the author of the source text will state in court that no objection to the borrowing of their work. According to “Discerneth”, such a rule will allow even the obvious plagiarist to preserve a degree. Note, a similar initiative the Ministry has offered to discuss a year ago: then the document was withdrawn, and the Minister Olga Vasilieva announced the dismissal of its author.

Concern “Discerneth” caused the document of the Ministry of education “On amendments to the regulations on awarding academic degrees” published for public comment. A number of provisions relates to situations when the author of the thesis accused of plagiarism: previously such issues were dealt with exclusively by the WAC, and now officials are going to add court.

In particular, the Ministry of education proposes to abandon the withdrawal of the degree if the dissertation borrowed someone else’s text “was recognized in a judicial order does not violate copyright or other protected results of intellectual activity”.

Innovation “is difficult to be described as scandalous”, says the statement, “Discernere”, which will be submitted to the Ministry of education.

Experts point out that the court in this case will be guided by the principle of the civil law: if the victim has no claims to the offender, that there is no reason for the proceedings. “In the “business dissertation” it often happens that the author of a scientific work because of the reward has no objection to its use as someone else’s original thesis — explain in “Discarnate”.— So suffice it staged “the seller” and “client” trial, in which they declare the absence of claims to each other. This will make it impossible for the deprivation of a scientific degree even obvious plagiarist.”

Expert “Discerneth” Ivan Babitsky led “b” is a recent example of ex-Deputy of the state Duma Alexei Kazakov (a just Russia).

“In the summer of 2016 at St. Petersburg state University academic Council recommended to deny him a degree. The thesis of the Deputy of the revealed texts written informed his supervisor Andrei Koshkin in collaboration with Sergey Melcosim, — says Mr. Babitsky.— After that Alexey Kazakov has filed a lawsuit against the Koshkin and Malkova, stating that he wrote the source code with them, they allegedly forgot to specify the number of authors”. In the end the parties entered into a settlement agreement that gave the right Alexey Kazakov require to preserve the degree. “Then it did not helped — says Mr. Babitsky.— The Ministry of education if the proposed amendment passes, the courts will simply be inundated with similar requests. The WAC will be much more difficult to cut off such plagiarists”.

“It’s absurd — mixing system of scientific certification with the civil law relationships between natural persons, — said “Kommersant” the former Deputy head of the Ministry of education Igor Fedyukin (2013 Minister Dmitry Livanov appointed him responsible for the fight against plagiarism in dissertations, but soon Mr. Fedyukin resigned; members of the Public Council under the Ministry of education stated that actively undertaken for the eradication of plagiarism, the official was forced to do it due to political pressure.— “B”).— In this approach, the degree will actually issue a court, not dissovety. Man brings to the court thesis, the judge detects that it has no claims from other authors: here’s your degree.”