Roman Seleznev has pleaded guilty to fraud charges in Georgia

Roman Seleznev has pleaded guilty to fraud charges in Georgia

NEW YORK, September 9. /TASS/. The Russian citizen Roman Seleznev, who was convicted in the United States for cyber crime, confessed to conspiracy to commit electronic theft of cash of the charges against him in Georgia. This was announced on Friday, prosecutors in this state.

According to her, Seleznev pleaded guilty to that entered in 2008, in a conspiracy to commit cyber attacks against the company Worldpay, which is a supplier for banks online services for the implementation of electronic payments.

As noted by the Prosecutor’s office, Seleznev participated in cashing over $2 million with a credit card, access to which was obtained as a result of hacking hacking. “The accused and prepared a team of hackers stole more than $2 million from ATMs around the world,” — said the Prosecutor of the Northern district of Georgia John horn.

Selezneva in April was sentenced in Washington state to 27 years of imprisonment, however, against him prosecuted in Nevada and Georgia. The recognition of Russian guilt in question, followed in the investigation conducted by law enforcement bodies of Georgia. The date of sentencing for the charges brought in this state, is not yet established.

Earlier the lawyer Igor Seleznev Litvak stated that the term Russian can increase because of the charges against him in two States. According to him, judges may decide that Seleznev should serve his sentences concurrently, however, the variant in which they will stack up.