Udaltsov was given to understand that they are interested in Navalny and Ponomarev

Udaltsov was given to understand that they are interested in Navalny and Ponomarev

The leader “the Left front” Sergey Udaltsov has been on the questioning. The investigators were interested in his statements about the participants of events on Bolotnaya square in 2012. As reported Udaltsov Bi-bi-si, he was given to understand that am interested in his comments about Alexei Navalny and Ilya Ponomarev.

As reported by the official representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) Svetlana Petrenko, Udaltsov was questioned “on persons who may be involved in the organization of mass riots in Moscow on Bolotnaya square in 2012.”

Udaltsov said that he refused to testify on the basis of the 51st article 51 of the Constitution, which guarantees the right against self-incrimination.

“The decision about the interview was taken after the press conference, where Udaltsov made a number of statements regarding the protests, and have also assessed the actions of individuals associated with these events”, — said the representative of the RCDS.

Udaltsov was summoned for interrogation a month after release from prison the Activist Udaltsov: I’m on trial for what was not the leader of the “Left front” Sergei Udaltsov was released.

About some people talking in the TFR did not specify. “Interested actions of the leaders of the opposition in General, — said Udaltsov, the Russian service Bi-bi-si. I explained that to testify did not intend and that everything has already been said during the trial in 2014. More detailed questions, the investigator did not ask”.

However, before the questioning the mentioned statements by Udaltsov about the role of the opposition Alexei Navalny and Ilya Ponomarev in the events on Bolotnaya square.

“Under the Protocol — not, as in the unofficial communication before the interrogation [the investigators] were given to understand that they are interested in my comments at the press conference, where I mentioned Navalny and Ponomarev,” — said Udaltsov bi-Bi-si, answering the question, I asked him questions about Bulk.