The US government warned about the impending devastation from hurricane

Hurricane “Irma” will cause significant damage to the US. It warned the head of the Federal Agency on management in emergency situations Brok Log, his words are reports Reuters.

“Hurricane “Irma” — a threat that will devastate the United States in the area of Florida and several southeastern States,” said Logue. He said that many residents of Florida for a few days may be left without light.

Initially, the national center for prevention of storms USA awarded the “Irma” maximum fifth category. It was subsequently lowered to fourth. Gusts reach 250 kilometers per hour, he has already killed 18 people.

“Irma” stronger than the storm “Harvey”, which at the end of August fell on the South East coast of the United States. According to the latest data, then the result of the disaster killed 70 people, the damage caused Texas authorities have estimated 150-180 billion.