Capsules Hyperloop Elon musk broke its own speed record

Capsules Hyperloop Elon musk broke its own speed record

In testing experimental high-speed Hyperloop transport system was able to reach speeds of up to 355 km/h.

The previous record of 324 km/h, set by another experienced model — only lasted a day.

The system puts a Hyperloop capsule in the transport tunnel bulging out with air and try and accelerate them to very high speed to reduce journey time for passengers and cargo.

Enthusiasts of the system claim that it is not far off when it will be able to reach the speed of 1000 km/h.

The idea now being developed for the new transport system Hyperloop first proposed back in 2013, the head of Tesla Ilon Musk. This week on the outskirts of Los Angeles on a special polygon with a length of one mile passed the first test experienced trains. Proved to be the fastest train constructed by a team of students from Germany.

Musk wrote on instagram that as soon as the competition prototypes ended, the Hyperloop team has allowed the “shock pods” to start independently, without human control, the movement of the test tunnel.

Publication of Elon Musk (@elonmusk) Aug 27 2017 10:18 PDT

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“Shock capsule” was used for the propulsion of experimental models.