Putin has relied on the output Tillerson of “bad company”

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed hope that U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson will be able to build with Moscow in constructive dialogue. The corresponding statement the President made at the plenary session of the Eastern economic forum (WEF) in Vladivostok on Thursday, September 7th, the correspondent “Tapes.ru”.

“We Mr. Tillerson, too, was once awarded the order of Friendship. But, apparently, he got into bad company and a little bit in the other direction otrulivaet”, — said Putin.

He hoped that in the end “wind of cooperation, friendship and cooperation” will return American politics to the right course.

On the eve of Putin awarded order of Friendship by Vice-Premier of the state Council of China Wang Yang.

In 2011, Tillerson as a Director of ExxonMobil Corporation, held talks with Moscow on energy partnership. In 2012 for great contribution to the development and strengthening of cooperation with Russia was awarded the order of Friendship. Four years later the press-Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov noted that this award is given for “efforts and activities for development cooperation in some specific areas or for fostering good international relations.”

Tillerson was appointed Secretary of state on February 1. The corresponding decision by the majority of votes adopted the Senate of the U.S. Congress.