Over Moscow, you may receive the Aurora due to solar flares

Over Moscow, you may receive the Aurora due to solar flares

RIAMA — 7 Sep. Record-breaking solar flare that was recorded on Wednesday, may disrupt radio communications on Earth and trigger the appearance of the Northern lights in Moscow, reports TASS.

Solar flare on 6 September was the largest for the last 12 years, she has a point X9.3 — the last outbreak of this force observed 7 September 2005. Impacts will extend over time. Radiation from the Sun reaches Earth in eight minutes, so the level of x-ray radiation at the Earth’s orbit raised now. People are protected from him by the planet’s atmosphere, and it also absorbs heavy particles.

Partly they will “sleep” near the poles is the Aurora, which, as flash is large, can reach mid-latitudes, and it is possible even that.Sergey Boguchany researcher of the laboratory of x-ray astronomy of the Sun FIAN

According to him, in a couple of days until the Earth comes the cloud of plasma ejected by the Sun and starts a magnetic storm — this interferes with the radio.

Bogachev does not exclude that record outbreak could be followed by new outbreaks, including stronger. An active region on the Sun that produced today’s flash, is still “alive”, and energy is not yet exhausted.

“At the end of October 2003 was the largest outbreak in the history of observations, and it seemed that all the Sun’s energy exhausted. However, few days later the same area was made even larger outbreak. That is, in General, this situation, when a large outbreak should be even bigger, may be repeated”, — said the scientist.