CIA declassified documents on the development of the Soviet Navy in 1960-80-ies

CIA declassified documents on the development of the Soviet Navy in 1960-80-ies

The booklet contains 82 declassified document, including details of U.S. intelligence officers from the Soviet Union.

WASHINGTON, September 7. /TASS/. Central intelligence Agency (CIA) has declassified collection of documents about the development of the Soviet Navy (VMF) in 1960-80-ies. Presentation of a booklet entitled “the Soviet Navy. Exploration and analysis during the cold war,” prepared on the basis of these data, held Wednesday at the National press club in Washington. The publication was carried out by the archive Department of the CIA and the National Museum of naval forces of the United States and several other relevant us organizations.

More than 80 documents

The brochure draws a total of 82 newly declassified document, including the information that was given over to the United States from behind the iron curtain served in the Main intelligence Directorate of the General staff of the Armed forces of the Soviet Union, Colonel Oleg Penkovsky and Lieutenant Colonel Peter Popov, and a Polish army Colonel Ryszard Kuklinski the. All three were recruited by the Agency in Langley.

Nevertheless, no sensations booklet does not contain. The authors, in particular, with respect to say about the role of commander in chief of the Navy — the Deputy Minister of defence Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Sergei Gorshkov. “In retrospect, it seems obvious that Admiral Gorshkov has never lost sight of his goal of making the Navy a world class, proudly existing in all the oceans of the Earth,” write the compilers of this brochure.