The CEC said, why is impossible to use a blockchain in the elections


RIA Novosti

The head of the CEC of Russia, Ella Pamfilova said, why is impossible to implement blockchain technology in elections in Russia: the main obstacle is getting the low level technical equipment.

On Tuesday, the CEC held a seminar for parties and other participants in the electoral process on the issues of monitoring in the upcoming elections on September 10.

“Now impossible”, — Pamfilova said in response to the suggestion of one of the participants on the use of blockchain technology in the Russian elections.

“We are even cameras can’t all stations to equip, not because there is no material or any other possibilities — there is no Internet,” — said the CEC Chairman.

She noted that the CEC work and similar technical issues, including working to equip computers all polling stations in the country.

“A lot of difficulties that do not allow us now to do it all… the Level of equipment, level of training of the population with this point of view, the level of use of technology are very different” — said Pamfilova.

In addition, she added, need to consider cyber-security issues. “We’re going forward, exploring new technologies, we will develop definitely, not going back to the stone age. But what stops is a combination of advanced technical and security”, — said the head of Department.

The technology of the blockchain (the blockchain) is a system organization of distributed databases. According to this technology, in particular, works database, which stores information about transactions popular in the world of bitcoin. Russian banks and companies are currently considering the possibility of implementing a number of projects on the basis of the blockchain. In particular, the Federal registration service in September, plans to begin a pilot project on implementation of technology in Veliky Novgorod.