Sister party rally on March 26, detained for trying to hug the brother in court

Dmitry Borisov

Police officers detained a sister of Dmitry Borisov is accused of assaulting the guards during the protest action, held in Moscow on March 26. She tried to hug the brother in court, said on Wednesday, September 6, “Interfax”.

Basmanny court of Moscow examined the investigator’s petition to extend Borisov’s arrest term. While escorting the accused into the hall, his sister tried to come and hug brother, which is prohibited. The demands of the bailiff to depart the woman did not react, and it had to be delayed.

The court explained that at the present time in respect of detained, a Protocol on administrative offense under article 17.3 (“Failure to execute lawful orders of a bailiff”). Then let her go.

According to investigators, in the course of the protests, Borisov twice kicked in the head by a police officer, who was in the performance of official duties. The guilt, the defendant does not recognize.

In addition to Borisov, this case involves several people. Real terms have received Andrey Oblique, Yuri Kuli, Alexander Shpakov and Stanislav zimovec. Another defendant, Dmitriy Krupkin, is under arrest.

26 March on Tverskaya street in the capital was not agreed with the authorities a mass rally against corruption, which was attended by about 8-10 thousand people. Moscow authorities offered the organizers of the alternative sites for a demonstration, but these options did not suit them. According to various sources, the event was delayed from 600 to a thousand people. During the action one of its participants struck on the head by a police officer. With cherepno-a brain trauma the victim was hospitalized.

Protests were held on the same day in dozens of cities across Russia.