In France, the parents took the child to school and went to Africa

In the French city of Toulouse seven-year-old boy spent the evening in the police, because his parents had unexpectedly left for a vacation in Africa. About it reports La Depeche.

On the first training day the mother brought the child to school, and then flew to Tunisia. According to her, the boy’s father, with whom they are divorced, had to take it in the evening.

It was later revealed that a negligent parent at that time, too rested, but in another African country — Slovenia.

Teachers, not when they reach the parents, were forced to turn to law enforcement.

As a result of the police the child was taken away relatives. According to the Internet portal, was later able to contact the boy’s father. He promised to take better care of the son, but only after coming back from Africa. The exact date of his arrival a man is not called.