The number who consider themselves poor Russians declined

The number of people in Russia who consider themselves poor in the second quarter of 2017 dropped to 29 percent. On Tuesday, September 5, the newspaper “Izvestia”, referring to the monitoring data of the Institute for social analysis and forecasting Ranhigs.

Indicates that in the same period in 2015 and 2016, the poor themselves considered 33 percent of Russians. Indicators for the current year to coincide with the 2012 level.

The most optimistic figure for the observation period from 2000 to 2017 was registered in 2014, when poor called themselves 24 percent of the population of Russia, stated in the study.

July 31, Ranepa reported that the most common strategy to improve the financial situation for the population of Russia in 2017 began production in personal subsidiary plots. This was done, 32 percent of respondents. “Thus, in the behavior of the citizens is dominated by archaic forms of improve their financial situation, common during the crisis of “survival” in the 1990-ies, rather than active innovative practices”, — stated in the study.

The results were published April 12, the poll showed that Russians consider the poverty line the average income level in 15 506 rubles per family member. While in Moscow and St. Petersburg respondents considered poor people with an income below 21 681 rubles, while in rural areas 12 478 rubles.