In the state Department named the reason of searches in the diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation

A senior official of the US state Department said that US officials and Embassy staff of Russia held a joint rounds of the three buildings of diplomatic missions of Russia in San Francisco and Washington, before they were officially handed over to the Americans, according to Fох News.

“These checks were conducted to ensure the safety and protection of facilities and confirmation that the Russian government vacate the premises,” said the official. He also denied allegations that U.S. officials threatened to break the door in one of the buildings and that FBI checks of the premises.

On the eve of the Advisor-envoy of the American Embassy in Moscow, Andrew Godfrey was summoned to the foreign Ministry, where they handed over a protest note in connection with the intentions of the United States to conduct a search in the trade mission.

31 August, the United States demanded to close the Russian Consulate in San Francisco, as well as diplomatic facilities in Washington and new York. Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov said he believes what is happening raider seizure. He also noted that the Russian side prefers to refrain from answering such steps, considering them to be “quite extravagant”.