Dzhabrailov refused a polygraph test in the air “First channel”

Dzhabrailov refused a polygraph test in the air “First channel”

Businessman and former Senator from the Chechen Republic Umar Dzhabrailov, detained on 29 August in the capital’s Four Seasons hotel on Okhotny Ryad after the shooting incident, refused to participate in the program “First channel”, “actually”, in which the characters are subjected to polygraph test (lie detector). This was reported by RBC source close to the production process on the channel.

“It’s actually so,” affirmed the denial of Dzhabrailov, the press Secretary of the businessman Gregory Gorchakov.

Commenting on the reasons for the refusal, Gorchakov said it was “inappropriate” participation Dzhabrailov in “various TV shows entertainment order”.

“We and our lawyers will prove that any investigation,” he added.

The reason for the detention Dzhabrailov were his shots into the ceiling of the room in Four Seasons with a premium gun Yarygin. In the room found a white powder and bottles of alcohol and unknown pills. The businessman was charged with disorderly conduct, he was released on his own recognizance. Discovered in the room of the substance was sent for examination.

Later the businessman apologized to all who heard the shots, explaining the incident “the heat of passion due to provocation” on the part of staff. He also denied discovery by the police of white powder in his room.

“No one found! Who was he found? The search, the police did the next day, with me, lawyers and a dog. Haven’t found anything. It’s all slander and the calumny of enemies,” said Dzhabrailov.