“Rushing the poor guy on the soap” the inhabitant of Novosibirsk hated the network

The network has criticized the resident of Novosibirsk Margarita Turchaninov, which in August 2016 borrowed the camera from his former colleagues Dmitry Bachanova and have not returned until now. A post titled “I Like my camera to borrow for a few days gave” was published by themselves Bachanova portal Pikabu.

According to the man, last summer Turchaninov borrowed his camera, went to Georgia and lost more than a year. Despite persistent requests Bachanova, the woman for various reasons did not return the camera, alternately referring to the shortage of time and slow work of the service center, where she allegedly handed over a damaged gadget.

“Eighteen months ago I bought a new “Sonya”. The money for the camera she never returned. And I’m going once a week to write interesting posts in “Vkontakte””, — complained Biapenem and published a screenshot of correspondence with the debtor.

The post men gathered more than 20 thousand likes and lots of comments upset users of Pikabu, who launched the hashtag #ritornello and began to massively insult Turchaninov, forcing her to close her page in “Vkontakte” and Instagram.

Harassment was joined by a well-known prankster Velinov, who demanded the woman to explain her behavior. “Threw the poor guy on the soap box, now the tragedy of the Georgian scale,” said one of the spectators of Valnova.

As noted Buchanov, he was one of 13 people hit by the debtor. The man also added that Turchaninov stopped responding to his messages.