The United States is able to destroy the DPRK, said the head of the Pentagon

The United States is able to destroy the DPRK, said the head of the Pentagon

Washington is ready for “simultaneous massive response” to Pyongyang’s actions, said James Mattis. According to him, the US President Donald trump got acquainted with possible variants of action.

WASHINGTON, Sep 3 — RIA Novosti. US does not seek to “complete destruction” of the DPRK, but have such opportunities, said the Pentagon chief James Mattis.

“We are committed to the complete destruction of any country, particularly North Korea. As I said, we have many variants how to do it,” said Mattis Sunday following the meeting, which was held in the White house, U.S. President Donald trump.

The Pentagon chief added that Washington was ready to respond to a military response to any threat to the United States and its allies.

“Any threat to the United States and its territories, including GUAM or (territory) our allies will meet a military response — both massive and beyond”, he said.

Mattis also said that trump was presented with military options in response to Pyongyang’s actions.

We have a lot of military options and the President had wanted him to be acquainted with each of them. We clearly stated that we have the ability to protect ourselves and our allies — South Korea and Japan from any attack. And our commitment to our allies is unwavering.James Malisheva Pentagon

Previously, Donald trump did not rule out the possibility of a strike on North Korea. “Look,” he replied to a journalist’s question whether the United States to attack North Korea. The President also has described Pyongyang’s actions as hostile and dangerous for the United States and threatened with a refusal to trade with those countries that “do business” with Pyongyang.

On Sunday, Pyongyang announced the successful test of a hydrogen warhead, it is designed to equip Intercontinental ballistic missiles. Reuters reported, citing a source in American intelligence that we are talking about the “improved nuclear device”.