Lavrov told the students of MGIMO University about his first trip


RIA Novosti

The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told the students of MGIMO on his first foreign trip to Sri Lanka in the 1970-ies.

“I immediately after graduation really went on a trip in high quality-Secretary to the Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I spent there four years. Of course, a beautiful country,” — said the Minister. He appreciated the nature of the island — beaches, mountain areas, historical monuments in the old town of Kandy and gain interest.

Lavrov said that since then the country has changed for the better and is steadily growing.

“Of course, the country was after the civil war, … there was not much in order. I was the second time where-that about four years ago in Sri Lanka, and nostalgic feelings, of course, immediately leaped. But I really liked that she is growing steadily, becomes more beautiful, and for us the most important was that already built the new Russian Embassy, which was designed when I was there in 73-m to year” , — he said.

The diplomat believes that ” the first trip is always a new world, open for myself new friends.” “And here you communicate, understand that this is part of your job that you have the ideal to get pleasure from communication with foreign partners, but also to understand how it will help you to formulate those things required of you on duty,” concluded Lavrov.