Latynina told about the burned by unknown car

The observer of “echo of Moscow” Yulia Latynina said that her car was set on fire unknown. This was reported on the website of the radio station Sunday, September 3.

“She was standing on the very front of the house, in the very place that was already under attack when we and our neighbors got sprayed by this non-lethal poison gas,” — said Latynina.

The incident occurred on September 3 at about 7:30 in the morning. The fire was first noticed by the parents of the journalist. Her father woke up from a sharp clap, and then went outside and saw the car burning. Firefighters arrived about 10 minutes when the car is almost completely burned out.

Yulia Latynina believes that the arson was committed by people who invaded her house in July. However, arrived on the scene, the investigator told her that the fire could be caused by faulty wiring.

“The car was with the Windows open, it is ventilated, it has not weathered the smell. And in principle, in theory, approach an open car and throw something inside was very easy,” added the journalist.

On 21 July, the Committee to protect journalists (CPJ) has called on the Russian authorities to investigate the attack on the house of Yulia Latynina in Peredelkino, which was committed on the night of Wednesday, July 19. From the actions of the unknown eight people were injured, including two children. Have trashed a house, a car and people with some kind of smelly liquid, which, as stated later to the police, the health risks are not represented.