The media learned about the readiness of the Pentagon to regularly patrol the South China sea

The Pentagon first made the schedule a military patrol in the South China sea, where several countries of the region have territorial disputes. On Friday, September 1, writes The Wall Street Journal.

As noted, the us ships will go out on patrol two or three times a month, their goal will be the demonstration of U.S. presence in the region and strengthen the position of Washington concerning the territorial claims of Beijing.

Such measures will help to cool down China, which considers the appearance of the American fleet in the waters of the sea as a provocation of Washington.

It is also noted that the combined administration of Donald trump’s course is radically different from the policies of his predecessor, Barack Obama, who tried to avoid such measures. During the eight years of the Obama presidency there were only four cases of patrolling the South China sea the American ships during the seven months of trump at the helm of the USA such operations were carried out for three.

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A number of Islands in the South China sea are disputed by China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei and Vietnam. The most hard things with the Scarborough reef and the Spratly archipelago (the latter is rich in oil and gas).

The court of arbitration in the Hague in July of 2016 decided that Beijing has no right to the disputed territory. However, with this decision, disagreed and stated that the island in ancient times are an integral part of China. In addition, Beijing argued that the court has no authority to consider territorial disputes.