Authorities said the failure of the Ukrainian television broadcasting in the Crimea

Broadcasting of Ukrainian TV channels in Crimea has failed, said Deputy Prime Minister of the Crimean government of Kazakhstan Dmitry Polonsky.

In mid-August, the representative of the national Council of Ukraine on television and radio Sergey Kostinsky reported that five of the channels are already broadcast in the Crimea with the tower Chongar in the Kherson region, the installation of which was completed in January. So far, the TV supposedly has been in test mode since September 1 multiplex to truly work, and by November 1 will strengthen the capacity. Channels can be “catch” in Krasnoperekopskiy and Dzhankojsky areas.

But, as noted Polonsky, in the end, the difference between test and permanent no broadcast: no broadcast does not exist.

— All the projects that the Ukrainian side is preparing in Crimea and Crimean, a failure initially. This failure is mainly ensured by one — the attitude of the Crimeans to the processes that occur in Ukraine, stated to RIA Novosti by Crimean Deputy Prime Minister.