A flotilla of boats and Motorboats came to help the residents of Houston

A flotilla of volunteers on boats, Dinghy and motor boat rescues residents of Houston affected by flooding after hurricane “Harvey”. Details of the operation leads Reuters.

Created a makeshift flotilla of a former employee of rescue services Bruce Margolis. Immediately after the wind dropped to an acceptable level, he posted in social networks appeal to all boat owners to join the rescue operation and left his phone number, which could call in distress, the residents of Houston.

Soon the number of volunteers reached several hundred. According to professional rescuers, volunteers arrived exactly when it was most needed: in the first hours after the tragedy, when not yet had time to arrive reinforcements from across the country. Volunteers monitored the calls for help that the residents of Houston were placed in social networks. Funds for fuel and equipment collected by the method of crowdfunding.

Hurricane “Harvey” hit the Texas on the night of 26 August. First, he appropriated the fourth category of danger, but then reduced to the level of a tropical storm. According to recent reports, the disaster killed at least nine people, six missing.