MO Belarus plans to 2017, to purchase from the Russian su-30CM

Deputy Minister of defense of Belarus for armaments Igor Letenkov said that this year the Belarusian army plans to buy from Russia modern weapons and military equipment for the armed forces of the country.   “In 2017, the planned purchase of aircraft Су30СМ, complexes of radio monitoring, 120-mm mortars 2Б23 “Nona-M1″, unmanned aircraft systems for various purposes, as well as continuous modernization БТР70МБ1”, – he said in an interview with reporters.   In addition, he said that the government plans to carry out major repairs of helicopters, aircraft Ил76МД, tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. He added that in the defense sector of the economy, the works on the translation of some reactive systems of volley fire on the chassis of domestic production. Photo: defense Ministry

Duterte promised the Communists the war the length of a generation

Rodrigo Duterte The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte announced the resumption of the war against the Communist underground. About it reports Reuters. “I lost a lot of soldiers in the last 48 hours, said the Philippine leader. — I think that the continuation of the truce leads nowhere. I ask the soldiers: return to camp, clean the gun, be ready for battle. I’m really sorry. I tried to do everything in my power, but it was not enough. Peace with the Communist party will not. Let us resume the war. I’m sad to say it, but the next generation of the world by the Communists will not see.” Dissatisfaction with Duterte caused repeated violation by fighters of the Communist New people’s army (NPA) of the cease-fire that was to expire on 10 February. Over the past two days, government forces lost in clashes with the guerrillas, seven killed and

Italy and the EU pledged to Fund the camp of migrants in Libya

Italy and the European Union signed an agreement in which they undertake to Fund camps for migrants in Libya. About it reports Reuters. Their signatures under the document was signed by the Italian Prime Minister, Paolo Gentiloni and his Libyan colleague Faiz Sarraj. In addition to the allocation of funds, Italy will also provide training camps and units, fighting the smuggling of refugees, and provide them with the necessary equipment. In addition, rim will provide Libyans with the necessary amount of medication. The Italian government also promised to support the government Saraga fighting with the Islamists. As follows from the agreement, the migrant will stay in the camps until “until they are deported or voluntarily agree to return to the country from which the profit”. The transaction was approved by all European leaders: they hope that this will help stop the flow of refugees across the Mediterranean. The office of

The United States expanded sanctions against Iran

Washington expanded economic sanctions against Iran. This was reported on the website of the Ministry of Finance of the USA. Under the restrictions were 13 individuals, some of whom are citizens of Iran, UAE, China, Kuwait and Lebanon, and 12 companies. Businesses based in the Islamic Republic, Lebanon, China and the United Arab Emirates. In the American Ministry of Finance explained that the extension of sanctions related to the Iranian programme, ballistic missiles, and support Tehran’s Lebanese Shiite movement “Hezbollah”, which in the United States as terrorist. The nuclear deal thus will not be affected. Earlier, on 3 February the President of the United States Donald trump has again criticized the leadership of the Islamic Republic, stressing that Iran is playing with fire. “They don’t appreciate how good it [the previous] President [Barack] Obama. I’m not!” warned the American leader. On January 29, the Iranian military about 200 kilometers from

The Ministry of justice suggested to tell students about the dangers of sexual violence

Dmitry Aristov The Ministry of justice offered to tell the students at the school lessons about self-defense in cases of sexual violence. About it RIA Novosti said the Deputy Minister Dmitry Aristov. “We must not lose sight of the measures of social awareness and legal education, I mean raising children who themselves must realize the dangers that await them in life is, first and foremost, the lessons of life safety in the school curriculum, there is need to focus”, he said. In January, after appearing in the media about violence against children in educational institutions “League of schools” started preliminary examination. In the publication it was argued that the management of the school for 25 years, made dissolute actions concerning the pupils. In 2015, the “League of schools” ceased to exist. In September 2016 after the story of the journalist Ekaterina Krongauz in Facebook about the intimate relationship of the

The Kremlin has denied the information about Russia’s recognition of passports DND and LNR

Moscow does not recognize at the official level of the passport of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk national republics (DND and LNR). On Friday, February 3, said the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, reports the correspondent of”.ru”. “We are talking about individual solutions, which could be municipal, local authorities and various companies, based solely on humanitarian considerations, guided by the need to do humanitarian assistance to these people,” Peskov said, commenting on media reports that the passport holders DNI and the LC can use the services of Russian Railways, airlines, hotels. Official Kremlin spokesman said that Kiev is not engaged in social, legal and passport for residents of the South-East of Ukraine. “These people are deteriorating valid Ukrainian passport, and they have no opportunity to obtain any additional documents,” he said. Peskov also added that the citizens of the breakaway republics at the entrance to Russia to

The lawyer has denied the withdrawal of police charges in the case of “Hawthorn”

A criminal case of negligence against the head of the Department precinct police Department №4 of Irkutsk Denis Cheremisina in connection with the mass poisoning of inhabitants of the city “Hawthorn” is not stopped. About it RIA Novosti said the lawyer Natalia Red. “None of what the rehabilitation of my client’s speech does not go yet. The result is only overturned the decision to dismiss from office. Also cancelled the house arrest. But the criminal case against Cheremisina not terminated, the charges against him withdrawn”, — she said. Red stressed that Cheremisin is currently on sick leave and the position has not yet been recovered. Earlier media, citing sources in law enforcement agencies reported that Cheremisin, accused of negligence that entailed death of two and more persons rehabilitated. According to investigators, the police in the period from 28 January to 31 December 2016 is not organized properly the work of

Trump has set a new record on the post of the President of the United States

According to the results of a survey conducted by CNN in conjunction with the research service of the ORC, in the first two weeks of Donald trump more than half of Americans disapprove of his policies.   Against the policy of the police were called 53%. The new US President is supported by only 44% – the lowest rating in the history of the United States.   The President’s supporters have called this a rating of the usual revenge for the boycott declared by the White house to CNN.   Trump also managed to set a record for the number of lawsuits filed against him. With complaints of his work turned 52 people in 17 States. Photo: Frank Duenzl / Globallookpress

Ukrainian crossbow: how and why Kiev came up with the fire from the oil rigs of the Crimea

Ukraine is sounding the alarm about another “aggression.” At this time, the treacherous attack allegedly subjected her to a military transport plane An-26, which according to the “injured party” have made a harmless flight over the Black sea, where they were attacked from the sea object. In the traditional Kiev politicians heart-rending manner were submitted “evidence” of the attack on the aircraft, with almost the only one of them was a three-centimeter hole of unknown origin, found on the body of the plane and demonstrated to the public.   Meanwhile, meticulous readers of the sites that were posted the same hole, concluded that fire from land (from the sea) are the hole is distantly related. The fact that the hole (or whatever) on top of the fuselage, then how to get into the body of the aircraft the bullet or the projectile was definitely from below: ballistics-will not be fooled.