MO Belarus plans to 2017, to purchase from the Russian su-30CM

Deputy Minister of defense of Belarus for armaments Igor Letenkov said that this year the Belarusian army plans to buy from Russia modern weapons and military equipment for the armed forces of the country.


“In 2017, the planned purchase of aircraft Су30СМ, complexes of radio monitoring, 120-mm mortars 2Б23 “Nona-M1″, unmanned aircraft systems for various purposes, as well as continuous modernization БТР70МБ1”, – he said in an interview with reporters.


In addition, he said that the government plans to carry out major repairs of helicopters, aircraft Ил76МД, tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. He added that in the defense sector of the economy, the works on the translation of some reactive systems of volley fire on the chassis of domestic production.

Photo: defense Ministry