Ukrainian crossbow: how and why Kiev came up with the fire from the oil rigs of the Crimea

Ukraine is sounding the alarm about another “aggression.” At this time, the treacherous attack allegedly subjected her to a military transport plane An-26, which according to the “injured party” have made a harmless flight over the Black sea, where they were attacked from the sea object. In the traditional Kiev politicians heart-rending manner were submitted “evidence” of the attack on the aircraft, with almost the only one of them was a three-centimeter hole of unknown origin, found on the body of the plane and demonstrated to the public.


Meanwhile, meticulous readers of the sites that were posted the same hole, concluded that fire from land (from the sea) are the hole is distantly related. The fact that the hole (or whatever) on top of the fuselage, then how to get into the body of the aircraft the bullet or the projectile was definitely from below: ballistics-will not be fooled. Immediately after this hysteria from Kiev subsided. But osadochek those who once again accused of all mortal sins, left…


Who shot – don’t know. But to blame the “aggressors”


First on the attack on the aircraft excited the military Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine. Through its leader Anatoly Matios (the man who recently took over the truth laid out in social networks feykovye the resolution of the NKVD supposedly about the death penalty and which because of this laughs, now the whole Internet) announced it was ready to go about “firing” to the international criminal court. Matios even promised to provide some bullet taken from the body of the affected aircraft. However, the Prosecutor immediately made a reservation that “who was shooting, we may not set”. However, the very existence of the plane holes of unknown origin, the military Prosecutor was considered to be evidence of a “hybrid military aggression after the annexation of the Crimea”, thus clearly hinting at the identity of “aggressor”.


Meanwhile, in the headquarters of the Russian black sea fleet of the statements of the Ukrainian authorities about the shelling of aircraft called an “absolute lie”. According to the information that was distributed by the headquarters of the black sea fleet and the Russian company Chernomorneftegaz, the Ukrainian An-26 made two provocative approach to an extremely low altitude on the Russian drilling platform “Tavrida” and “Crimea-1”, thus triggering their protection to make several shots from a signal pistol to refer to configuration objects. According to eyewitnesses of the incident, the An-26 was almost hooked his fuselage a mast platform, and the company’s employees were forced to define the dimensions of the flares. In fact, personnel actions prevented the plane crash, the death of his crew and the potential victims on the platform. No offense, but thank the Ukrainian side need Russian specialists because helped to avoid tragedy!



However, Kiev did not let up. In particular, the version of the deliberate attack on the aircraft insists press Secretary of Ukrainian President Svyatoslav Tsigalko, which, moreover, claims that the incident occurred in the area of the Odessa gas field, not in international waters. Version of the attack is shared by the head of the defense Ministry of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak apparently discerned in platforms for drilling of oil and gas some of the “firing point” with anti-aircraft guns on them. Anyway, in connection with the overflight of Ukrainian An-26 Russian drilling rigs in the Black sea, the military attaché of Ukraine was pronounced an official protest. The actions of the Ukrainian plane has been hailed as “provocative and threatening the safety of personnel and equipment.”


“Pugach”, “rocket launcher”, but not a weapon


Anyone who has ever been fired from a signal pistol, designed to fire light rounds, confirm to produce at least some aimed shots from it almost impossible. What can I say – this weapon (if it, of course, can be called such) does not even have sights. Today, the main such device is in the army and in the civilian sphere, is spsh flare gun designed by Georgi Shpagin. He shoots a 26-mm signal cartridges, based on the filling which is a special composition (zvezdi), which serves as a luminous object.


“What part of the signal cartridge, you can punch a hole, and even in a duralumin body of the aircraft? perplexed, the Colonel, a former senior officer of Department of service of troops of the military district headquarters George Grautin. – I know, and this gun, and ammunition. At the base of the cartridge there is a cardboard sleeve with a small size brass bottom. Everything else is lighting the charge, a felt wad, gauze. Range, that is, the lifting height of lighting of the charge, to a maximum of 150 meters, not by chance, this gun is used only to refer to troops on the front lines, in the first echelon. A signal from a “rocket launcher” to be noticed on more or less decent range, not real.”



Experts also note – despite the fact that the shot of the stamp has a fairly strong kinetic impact, even a hypothetical danger of causing any damage due to the ingress of the ammunition reduced to a minimum. – Flare gun does not fall under the category of firearms. How to pay attention to the expert Igor Evseev popular with hunters portal “stamp cartridges do not contain damaging elements, it is purely a pyrotechnic signaling device”. In addition, the expert confirms that “stamp is not considered a weapon, at least in design: it has no trunk (in its role, the chamber), or sighting devices”. And it is quite clear, as the shot of the rocket could hit a plane flying above. If we are talking about free fall residue signal of the cartridge after the shot, then punch a hole in the hull, they could not, because they do not have the heavy steel parts, and only a small brass base. Besides flying the plane must still get there, and it is unlikely do not have the gun “pop gun” stamp is capable of, not to mention falling from the sky the remains of shells.


The power of action and reaction


According to experts, the aim of the current actions of the Ukrainian side lies in the same phantom feeling of belonging of the Crimea to Ukraine. It will be recalled that the claims of Kiev on the data of drilling rigs has a very long history. So, in December 2015, the Border service of FSB of Russia was forced to send a patrol ship to protect platforms “Chernomorneftegaz” on the Black sea shelf after the attempted interference in their work from the border guard service and the Ukrainian Navy. Then self-elevating floating drilling rig “Tavrida” approached the ship with Ukrainian border guards, who demanded to provide information on the composition of the crew and to find a installer in the area. Fortunately, the emergence of a powerful patrol boat of Russian border guards was enough to curious instantly moved away from the platform at a safe (for them) distance.


Prior to this attempt to deprive the Crimea nationalized after the transition of the Peninsula under the jurisdiction of trying the Ukrainian “Naftogaz”. The amount of damages it managers was estimated at $ 1.2 billion, while according to estimates of Russian experts, the cost of both platforms, at one time belonged to Norway and find themselves in a prolonged tough use in very poor condition, almost three times less. Director of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik called statements of “Naftogaz” “continuation of the information discharge Crimean issue”. The expert also stressed that the issue of the towers is a matter of energy balance”, referring to the existence of serious problems in the energy sector of Ukraine.


This is also the opinion of the captain of 1 rank of a stock, columnist MIA “Russia today” Alexander Khrolenko. “The economic crisis is pushing the Kiev leadership to the provocative attempts of redistribution of oil-rich continental shelf in the Black sea, but this course does not have any economic or political perspective, – the expert believes. – Taking into account debts to Russia for gas, Ukraine is in a desperate situation, and in the Toolbox of the “revolutionaries” only minor provocations and hype in the media.”


“The existence of regional interests and the Russian black sea fleet suggests that provocative (force) methods do not add Ukraine no oil, no gas, no international weight and influence,” – concludes Alexander Khrolenko. By the way, interesting fact – in 2014, the US government imposed sanctions against “Chernomorneftegaz”, thus confirming the belonging of the enterprises of Russia. Maybe, at least this is the opinion of sober supporters provocations – both Maritime and air – in relation to a strange property?


Author: Dmitry Sergeyev

Photo: Stepan Poltorak / Facebook,