In an accident in Taiwan killed 32 people

In an accident in Taiwan killed 32 people Another 12 people sent to hospital in serious condition. 6фотографий6фотографий SHANGHAI, February 13. /Offset. TASS Ivan Kargapoltsev/. Victims of road accident with tourist bus in Taiwan were 32 people, 12 sent to hospital in serious condition. It is reported by the Central news Agency of Taiwan, citing data from the local police. A passenger bus in which salon, according to updated data, there were 44 people including a guide and a driver, crashed at high speed into the fence at the exit from the highway, in Nangang district in Taipei city. The police confirmed that 32 people died, including two who died in the hospital. Who was in the vehicle, the passengers, mostly elderly, were returning from a tourist trip to Taichung. Foreign citizens, according to the Agency, the bus was not. The head of administration of Taiwan Cai Inwang expressed his

In the Internet appeared the live broadcasts of the emergency dam in California

In the Internet appeared the live broadcasts of the emergency dam in California The water level in lake Oroville began to decline, but the order about evacuation of almost 190 thousand local residents remains in effect. 10фотографий10фотографий10фотографий Moscow. 13 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — Online translation of the area of the Oroville dam in the United States appeared on the Internet. In the video, in real time, you can observe how the water of the lake gradually allowed construction of the dam. Because of the threat of breakthrough of the reserve spillway in this area of California are ordered to evacuate nearly 190 thousand people. Several small towns are under threat of flooding after heavy rains, which resulted in the water level in the lake has reached critical. The main spillway, as it turned out, suffered from erosion, and the authorities were forced to carry out an emergency discharge of water through

Monkeys and dogs appeared to be able to judge people by their actions

Monkeys and dogs appeared to be able to judge people by their actions Behave yourself or your dog will blame you. And Pets, and monkeys prefer people who help others. And this may be the explanation of the origin of our sense of morality. Studies involving children have shown that at the age of one year people are already starting to judge others in their relationships. This suggests that children have a kind of innate sense of morality, betrays New Scientist. Scientists have wondered whether other types to do social assessments in a similar way. After a series of experiments with dogs and monkeys are the Capuchins, the researchers concluded that the animals prefer helpful people, more willing to take them food, play with them. In one experiment, Capuchins observed the behavior of the actor who tried to open a container with a toy inside. Then the actor asked the

Scientists: trees — non vegetarians

Scientists: trees — non vegetarians People can be vegetarian, give up meat, what about trees? In the end, the trees just need soil, sun and water, isn’t it? Not quite, scientists say. According to Nicholas money, Professor of botany Miami University, Ohio, plants are not vegetarians, but as they say, the devil is in the details, says Live Science. These details are directly from what we put into the concept of vegetarianism. Trees don’t eat animals directly, but they use them as food with the help of fungi Long known that trees can produce sugar through photosynthesis, which uses sunlight for the reaction between water and carbon dioxide, resulting in the carbohydrates and oxygen. But trees also need such minerals as potassium, calcium, sodium and some other metals. And in order to obtain these nutrients they need the fungi. In forest soil fungi are everywhere. This is a huge mycelium

Scientists got rid of the smell underarms by using a transplant of bacteria

Scientists got rid of the smell underarms by using a transplant of bacteria Experts from the University of California have learned to deal with bad smell of sweat with foreign bacteria. About the new way they said at a dermatology Symposium in Sweden. The human body is inhabited by bacteria that can affect health, causing intestinal disorders, immunity and even brain. The skin also has its own microbiome, varies depending on body part. Living in the armpit of bacteria produce compounds that play a role in the formation of a bad smell. The researchers transplanted the man suffering from the unpleasant odor, bacteria from the armpits of his twin brother that did not experience such problems. It helped get rid of the smell. Transplant bacteria was conducted about a year ago and the smell still has not returned. The researchers conducted this procedure since I was 17 pairs of people,

Congresswoman in the United States believed Russia was appointed President of the Limpopo Dolittle

Congresswoman in the United States believed Russia was appointed President of the Limpopo Dolittle Pranker Vova, and Lexus has played the house of representatives member of Congress Maxine waters on behalf of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman. Video of the conversation posted on YouTube on Monday, February 13. It was about the sanctions against Russia. According to waters, she does not know exactly about the plans of U.S. President Donald trump about lifting restrictions, but believes he is ready to go back on their word in this matter. Prancer explained that the issue of sanctions is relevant due to the fact that in Ukraine there was an escalation of the conflict: “Russia occupied Donetsk and Lviv”. When the wag has clarified that Lviv is a city in the West of the country, the Congresswoman said: “Putin has Regular troops in the East and in the West?”. Also added

The European Commission did not allow the Greek Islands to receive tourists from Russia without visas

The European Commission did not allow the Greek Islands to receive tourists from Russia without visas Moscow. 13 Feb. INTERFAX.RU the European Commission did not approve the project on visa-free visits to the Greek Islands in the Eastern Aegean sea with tourists from countries that are not members of the EU, according to Greek portal Rodiaki. In addition, because of the security issues and the problem of refugees was not extended the special visa program for Turkish travelers, which operated from 2012. Turkish citizens arriving at ports of the Eastern Islands of the Aegean sea, received one-day visa. The program ended on 30 October last year. As the newspaper notes, the decision of the EC could have a negative impact on the tourism industry of the Islands. These tourists compensated for losses from the decline in tourist arrivals from Europe. The Greek authorities intend to expand the staff of consulates

Syria sent a battalion of military police from Ingushetia

Syria sent a battalion of military police from Ingushetia Moscow. 13 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — the Battalion of the military police of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation from Ingushetia sent to the Syrian Arab Republic on a peacekeeping mission to ensure the safety of Russian air group and the Center for conciliation of the warring parties in Syria, said the head of the Republic Yunus-Bek Yevkurov. “I am confident that our boys will adequately perform the tasks of the Supreme commander and Minister of defense of Russia”, — he told “Interfax”. He also said that the Ingush authorities will receive the first batch of humanitarian aid to Syria. “Not just aid collected by the inhabitants of the Republic were sent to the South-East of Ukraine, in the Crimea, Khakassia for residents affected by wildfires. Despite some difficulties, we find the opportunity to send humanitarian aid. Because we know

The head of Ingushetia has addressed to relatives fighting in Syria militants

Photo: RIA Novosti The head of Ingushetia, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov at the meeting with parents fighting in Syria on the side of international terrorists, insurgents urged them to persuade their sons to surrender and return to civilian life, reported the press service of the head of the region. “According to Yevkurov, the government offered two options: to surrender and return to civilian life through a program of adaptation either to be punished to the fullest extent of the law”, — stated in the message. The head of Ingushetia has assured the relatives of the militants that if their sons did not have time to commit crimes, were involved in a terrorist organization by deception, and regret their actions, they will not be arrested. “Persons involved in terrorist activities, have the opportunity to lay down their arms to make a confession, to use the mechanism to reduce the punishment. These principles effectively

Medvedev is appointed has appointed Alexei Kissin, Deputy head of Rosimushchestvo

Photo: RIA Novosti Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev appointed Alexei Kissin Deputy head of the Federal Agency for state property management (Rosimushchestvo). The corresponding decree was published on Saturday on the government website. “To appoint Kissin Alexei Alexandrovich Deputy head of the Federal Agency for management of state property”, — stated in the document. Prior to the appointment of Alexei Kissin worked in the Legal Department of the office of Goswami, the Central election Commission (CEC) of the Russian Federation and the Federal service for accreditation.