A powerful explosion occurred at a rally in Pakistan

A powerful explosion occurred at a rally in Pakistan Moscow. 13 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — a Powerful explosion occurred in the second largest city of Pakistan Lahore, the Associated Press reports. According to police, this time the incident took place, a protest of pharmacists who oppose new amendments relating to the sale of drugs. As reported by AP, the Taliban claimed responsibility for the explosion. It is unknown how many people died or were injured in the attack, during which the motorcyclist crashed into a crowd of protesters, and then there was an explosion.

The MOE has temporarily suspended the search for the fallen in the Altai helicopter

The MOE has temporarily suspended the search for the fallen in the Altai helicopter Rescuers have suspended the search for the wreck of the helicopter Robinson, which fell on February 12 in the waters of lake Teletskoye in the Altai Republic. About it reported in a press-service of head Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the region. As stated in the Department, the search was stopped due to nightfall because “they have no meaning in the dark”. MOE said that while divers had not dived into the lake, as “very cold”, and formed the difficult weather conditions. Rescuers said that at the moment, the search yielded no results. In the MOE said that the search will be resumed on Tuesday morning, February 14. At the moment specialists are working on the development of a plan for search operations, arrived given a special “from the whole of Siberia”. Monday, February 13,

The British fixed the big air ship

The British fixed the big air ship Airlander 10 is currently undergoing ground tests. The British company Hybrid Air Vehicles has completed the repair of the structural elements of the hybrid aircraft Airlander 10, the world’s largest aircraft. As written by Aviation Week, currently the company is conducting ground testing of a vessel intended to test his strength and reliability of all onboard systems. Repair hybrid aircraft took after the accident, which occurred August 24, 2016. During a test flight at the moment of landing, the machine got caught on a power line of the mooring rope, after which he dived and hit the ground nose. The crew in the accident were not injured. The results of the investigation, experts Hybrid Air Vehicles have come to the conclusion that the cause of the accident was not the hook of the cable, and the failure of airborne equipment. In the course

Winners of World Press Photo 2017

Winners of World Press Photo 2017 Became known winners of the 60th annual international prize of photojournalism World Press Photo. The main prize was awarded to photographer Burhan Ozbilici for the killer Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov in Turkey, writes the Associated Press. Also, the awards were four Russian photographer: Elena Anosov, Sergey Ponomarev, Valery Melnikov and Kristina Kormilitsyna. Anosov took second place in the category “Daily life” for picture story “of the way” about life in the village on the river lower Tunguska. Ponomarev — second place in the category “Events” for photos from Iraq about the battle for the liberation of Mosul. Melnikov won in the nomination “Long-term project” for a photo essay “the Black days of Ukraine”. Kormilitsyna took third place in the category “People” for a photograph of a woman with a girl, over which hangs a portrait of Fidel Castro. The World Press Photo contest has

Taking a shower circus Rhino Mahonian touched by the social network

Taking a shower circus Rhino Mahonian touched by the social network Taking a shower Rhino named Mahonian from Bolshoi Saint Petersburg state circus Ciniselli was touched by users of the network. Video posted to Instagram account of the circus. In the video, two officers Ciniselli wash Maturana, spraying the animal with water and rubbing it lathered brush. “Brave boys!” — praised the employees of the circus, the user with the nickname Leibaekaterina. My Rhino Maturana #circusciniselli #cicchinelli #циркиѕ2.0 #mahonian #Rhino #mimimi Video published the Ciniselli’s Circus (@circus_ciniselli) Feb 10 2017 2:17 PST In comments to the publication of users Instagram admired con Boca under a jet of soul Rhino, noting that the mammal is clearly like water treatment. “Still, back, and tummy rubbed, give a lot of attention,” happy for Maturana one of them.

Putin appointed acting Governor of the Novgorod region Andrei Nikitin

Putin appointed acting Governor of the Novgorod region Andrei Nikitin He previously held the position of head of the Agency for strategic initiatives. Moscow. 13 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on early termination of powers of the Governor of the Novgorod region Sergey Mitin and appointed acting head of the region the head of the Agency for strategic initiatives Andrei Nikitin. About it reports a press-service of the Kremlin. “To accept resignation of the Governor of the Novgorod region S. G. Mitin on their own. Assign Nikitin Andrey Sergeyevich, acting Governor of the Novgorod region until the entry into office of a person elected the Governor of the Novgorod region. This decree shall enter into force from the day of its signing”, — is spoken in the document text. Earlier it was reported that at a meeting with journalists Sergey Mitin said that decided not

Yarovaya suggested to enter criminal punishment for inducing children to suicide

Yarovaya suggested to enter criminal punishment for inducing children to suicide Moscow. 13 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — IN the state Duma prepared the bill of introduction of criminal liability for inducing a child to suicide, said the Vice-speaker of the lower house Irina Yarovaya at the meeting in the state Duma. “We propose to establish liability for assisting suicide — advice, instructions, granting of information, instruments or means of committing suicide, or the removal of obstacles for committing suicide, and also for the promise to hide the means or tools of suicide,” — said the Deputy. Now the criminal code provides for punishment only for incitement to suicide through the humiliation of a person, but if the child is voluntarily driven to suicide, the punishment of the instigator impossible. It is proposed to expand the existing article of the Criminal code on incitement to suicide. “We propose to install additional criminal

Sands called the meeting of Putin and trump

Sands called the meeting of Putin and trump The presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump will be able to meet at the summit of “Big twenty” which will pass in July in Germany, said the Kremlin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov. However, according to him, the timing of an earlier meeting have not yet worked out. On Monday, February 13, said the Kremlin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, reports the correspondent of”.ru”. We believe that there is in July of this year [will be held], “twenty” in Germany, where somehow the presidents will meet. But, as you know, it was the possibility of an earlier meeting, yet no specifics of netmetric Pickupers-Secretary of Vladimir Putin He added that the question of the timing of the first personal contact of the leaders is also not yet worked out by the parties. The G20 summit in 2017 will be held on 7-8

The Russian military during the day, assisted 6,3 thousand inhabitants of Syria

Photo: RIA Novosti Seven humanitarian actions, during which aid was received by 6.3 thousand Syrians held in Syria within days, the Russian military, reported by the Center for reconciliation of the warring parties in the Syrian Arab Republic. “During the day Russian Centre for reconciliation the warring parties conducted seven humanitarian actions, which included handing civilians 3.8 tons of bread, 3 thousand servings of hot food and 400 food packages”, – stated in the Bulletin of the Centre. – For the day, humanitarian aid has been 6.3 thousand inhabitants. The total mass transferred humanitarian cargo amounted to 6.2 tons.” From the beginning of 2017, the Russian military has delivered the people of Syria more than 160 tons of humanitarian cargo. Humanitarian action held in the city of Aleppo (in the area of al-Maadi and Sheikh Maqsood, in schools, in the areas of Suleiman al – Halabi and al Firdaus, in

Snowden commented on the reports about his possible transfer USA

Photo: © REUTERS/ Glenn Greenwald/Laura Poitras/Courtesy of the Guardian/Handout via Reuters Former employee of U.S. intelligence Edward Snowden on Friday called media reports about his possible extradition to the US “undeniable proof” that he’s not worked for the intelligence service of the Russian Federation. Finally: irrefutable evidence that I never cooperated with Russian intel. No country trades away spies, as the rest would fear they’re next. https://t.co/YONqZ1gYqm — Edward Snowden (@Snowden) February 10, 2017 “Finally: undeniable proof that I never collaborated with the Russian intelligence service,” he wrote in the microblog in Twitter. According to him, “no country sells their scouts, because the other may fear that they will be next.” As reported earlier on Friday, the NBC, citing an unnamed representative of the American administration, the US intelligence claims that Russia is considering the transfer of Edward Snowden in the US as a “gift” to President Donald Trump. According