In the Internet appeared the live broadcasts of the emergency dam in California

In the Internet appeared the live broadcasts of the emergency dam in California

The water level in lake Oroville began to decline, but the order about evacuation of almost 190 thousand local residents remains in effect.


Moscow. 13 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — Online translation of the area of the Oroville dam in the United States appeared on the Internet.

In the video, in real time, you can observe how the water of the lake gradually allowed construction of the dam.

Because of the threat of breakthrough of the reserve spillway in this area of California are ordered to evacuate nearly 190 thousand people.

Several small towns are under threat of flooding after heavy rains, which resulted in the water level in the lake has reached critical.

The main spillway, as it turned out, suffered from erosion, and the authorities were forced to carry out an emergency discharge of water through the reserve spillway. However, it was discovered the gully, the water began to overflow.

Fearing that the reserve spillway will not stand, February 12, local authorities began evacuating residents.

According to the Associated Press, on Monday 13 February, the water level in the lake gradually began to decline, and the water is not poured over the edge of the spillway. However, the threat of flooding remains, experts are waiting for daylight to examine the formed gully.

Largest U.S. dam with a height of 235 meters and is located on lake Oroville, approximately 240 km North-East of San Francisco. On Saturday 11 Feb due to its overflow, the authorities had for the first time in its 50 years of existence of the dam are spillway reserve.