In the state Duma proposed to celebrate the Day of defender of the Fatherland in August

The participants of the rally dedicated to the anniversary of the Soviet Army and Navy The Deputy of the state Duma Ivan Sukharev from LDPR faction has prepared a bill to change the celebration of the Day of defender of the Fatherland for the summer. It is reported by RT on Tuesday, February 28. The text of the bill is available to the channel, but not yet posted in the database of the lower house of Parliament. Commenting on the initiative, Sukharev said that on February 23 in its present form was established by the people’s Commissar Leon Trotsky and date is not a Russian national holiday. “In Russia before the revolution was celebrated the Day of memory of the Russian army, established on 29 Aug 1769 during the war of Russia with Turkey and Poland. I think that we should return to a military holiday in the summer: we

Putin called inappropriate new sanctions against Syria

Vladimir Polypropolene: Russia and China vetoed a UN security Council resolution on Syria Moscow considers inappropriate introduction of new sanctions against Syria and would not support a proposal. This was stated by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during talks with his Kyrgyz counterpart Almazbek Atambayev in Bishkek on Tuesday, February 28. His words to the correspondent “”. “This does not help, would not help the negotiation process, but only hurt or undermine trust in the process. Russia no new sanctions against Syria and will not support”, — said Putin. In addition, the Russian leader has noted successes in inter-Syrian negotiations in Astana, the absolute result of which, he said, was the consolidation of the ceasefire and the establishment of a mechanism to monitor the ceasefire. “Without this, it would be impossible to continue the Geneva talks. Everything is going not as smooth as I would like, but Astana, the

Medvedev urged to prepare to live “indefinitely” in terms of sanctions

Dmitry Medvedev Russia should prepare for the fact that to live in conditions of sanctions have indefinitely, said in an interview to the program “Vesti on Saturday” Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. His words leads RIA Novosti. “Let’s see what our friends are overseas, in Europe. They perpetuate these sanctions, they codify. They make a lot of laws in addition to all Executive edicts that [President Barack] Obama has made a lot of decisions,” said Medvedev. “They are trying to pass laws that these sanctions will make permanent. Like the amendment of Jackson-Vanik or more abruptly”, he added. In this regard, stressed the head of government, in this Russia any mercy can not count, and it is not necessary, since experience has proved that in conditions of sanctions the country is able to develop good. “All what we have achieved in industry and agriculture, made not because of but in

A policeman accidentally shot into the crowd during visit of Hollande to the South-West of France

A policeman accidentally shot into the crowd during visit of Hollande to the South-West of France PARIS, February 28. /Offset. TASS Mikhail Timofeev/. French policeman accidentally shot into the crowd during the visit of President françois Hollande in the Charente (South-West of the country). This was reported by news channel BFM TV. According to him, “two people injured”. Hollande was in Villognon in connection with the inauguration of the high speed railway line Paris-Bordeaux. The guard was one of the local employees of the gendarmerie and participated in the security during the President’s visit. The incident occurred at the time of the President’s speech under a tent set opposite the grandstand with guests. As prefect of the Department Pierre ADJ, “injuries to the victims lungs — one shot right, the other left foot”. The French President immediately interrupted his speech and approached the victims, talked to them. Both men admitted

Suzdal was included in the five European cities with the best hotels

Suzdal was included in the five European cities with the best hotels Experts have made a rating of European cities with the best hotels in terms of price and quality. Suzdal were among the leaders. In the ranking of 100 European destinations, compiled service Trivago, a city in the Vladimir region, part of the Golden ring of Russia, was in fourth place. The average cost of accommodation in local hotels is 47 euros per day. The list also included Kaliningrad (13th place), Kazan (18th), St. Petersburg (35-e) and Moscow (83rd), reports “”. The leader of the top-100 became the city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Here a room in a hotel will cost the tourists about 43 euros. Publication of LoveMostarTouristAdventures (@love_mostar_ta) Jan 22 2017 11:08 PST Mostar In second place — the Serbian town of Novi Sad on the Danube. Three was closed by the city of Veliko

In Sicily, the eruption of the volcano Etna

In Sicily, the eruption of the volcano Etna On the Italian island of Sicily, the eruption of mount Etna, reports The Local. According to the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, Italy, the eruption does not currently pose any hazard to humans. Catania airport is operating normally. ‘etna’s erupting Southeast Crater on the late evening of 27 February 2017 — Boris Behncke (@etnaboris) February 28, 2017. The latest series of eruptions of Etna volcano occurred in may 2016. Then a few hours, the volcano threw the ashes on the East side of the slope to a height of 3.5 km, and the Eruption was also accompanied by a powerful emission of lava. Mount Etna is the highest in Europe, its eruption occurs regularly. Height of Etna is over 3.2 thousand meters and change after the eruption.

Scientists have found a link name and a person’s appearance

Scientists have found a link name and a person’s appearance Scientists conducted an experiment, the results of which show that the appearance of the human face often depends on cultural stereotypes surrounding his name. The choice of name for a child often becomes a headache for parents but a new study shows that it may be more important than previously thought. In particular, scientists have discovered that the name was somehow connected with the appearance of man, and called it the “Dorian gray effect”, writes The Telegraph. ArticleHow to name the baby: a cheat sheet for parents “Previous studies have shown the existence of some cultural stereotypes tied to the name and appearance of a person. For example, people are more likely to imagine that Bob, not Tim is the owner of a round face. We believe that these stereotypes can over time affect the appearance of people,” said Yonath,

Russia supports the participation of the Kurds in negotiations on Syria

Photo: RIA Novosti Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Mikhail Bogdanov said that Russia supports the participation of the Kurds in Syrian peace talks, RIA “Novosti”. “We would like to participate and other members… there still is quite acute the question of the representation of the Kurds. We would like to were involved the representatives of the Kurds,” – said Bogdanov. According to him, Moscow hopes that the Syrian opposition will create a United delegation at the talks. Bogdanov said that Russia is in constant contact with Damascus, including the establishment of security zones in Syria. “With Damascus we are in contact on a daily basis, consultations are privileged, therefore, all these issues discussed,” he said. Earlier, the Syrian opposition demanded direct talks with the Syrian authorities. 23 February officially started the fourth round of Syrian peace talks in Geneva after almost a year pause.

Putin has called the conditions for the closure of the Russian base in Kyrgyzstan

Putin has called the conditions for the closure of the Russian base in Kyrgyzstan Russian military leave the territory of Kyrgyzstan, if the authorities decide that base on its territory is no longer needed. This was stated by President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the head of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev. According to him if Kyrgyzstan will say that they have so strengthened their forces that such a database does not need them, the Russian military will take “the same day”. “We have no need here to place troops. It is associated with only one security in Kyrgyzstan”, — Putin said (quoted by “Interfax”). United Russian air base in Kant, located in the eponymous village near Bishkek. It is based on the su-25 and helicopters Mi-8. In December 2016, Atambayev said that Kyrgyzstan needs in the future “to rely and hope only on its forces” and not “on the basis