MSU refused to consider his thesis Medina essentially

Photo: RIA Novosti In the Moscow state University. The University is not going to be substantially revised dissertation of the Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky. This statement was made by the Dean of the history faculty of Moscow state University Ivan Tuchkov. His words convey the Rambler/news citing TASS. “After reviewing the presented materials dissertation Council No. 501.001.72 the higher attestation Commission of the Russian Federation on the basis of the Moscow state University named after Lomonosov in the history Department sees no reason for further consideration because of their lack of indications of the unreasonable borrowing and violations of security procedures,” said Tuchkov. In addition, Tuchkov added that at the meeting of the dissertation Council at the history faculty of the MSU was considered the statement of the member of the community “Discerned” Ivan Babitsky related to the degree of doctor of historical Sciences Vladimir Medinsky. According

Putin ratified the agreement on “Turkish stream”

Photo: RIA Novosti Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law on ratification of agreement between Russia and Turkey on construction of the gas pipeline “Turkish stream”. The document published on the official portal of legal information. Earlier in February, Deputy energy Minister Yuri sentjurin noted that the agreement provides for the creation of a favorable legal base, including taxation and customs regimes, for the design, construction and subsequent operation of the pipeline. For its implementation will be the responsibility of “Gazprom” from the Russian side and the company Botas is the Turkish one. The validity of document 30 years with the perspective of prolongation for further periods of five years. In January, the agreement signed by the two governments in October 2016, was ratified by the state Duma, and later approved by the Federation Council. The document envisages the construction of two pipelines with a capacity of 15.75 billion cubic

The Syrian experience “Kuznetsova” will form the basis of requirements for new aircraft carriers

Share {{secondsToDateTime(data.visiblePosition) | date: ‘HH:mm:ss’}} / {{(videoDuration | date: ‘HH:mm:ss’) || ’02:17′}} {{secondsToDateTime(data.visiblePosition) | date: ‘mm:ss’}} / {{(videoDuration | date: ‘mm:ss’) || ’02:17′}} {{qualityItem | uppercase}} HD .mp4 High quality SD .mp4 Medium quality © TASS/defense Ministry/Ruptly/Channel “T24” MOSCOW, February 8. /TASS/. The only Russian aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” returned home from the campaign in the Mediterranean sea, where its aircraft attacked the terrorists in Syria. This combat experience will take into account in the modernization of the ship and in the development of requirements for new aircraft carriers to be built for the Navy, told TASS military expert, chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor murakhovski. Head aircraft carrier group Admiral Kuznetsov and the heavy nuclear missile cruiser “Peter the Great” was up on February 8 at the barrels on the roads of Severomorsk after a nearly four-month campaign. As told reporters in the defense Ministry, now “crews

Trump selected a Cabinet of 24 people

The US President Donald trump has completed the formation of his Cabinet. A message posted on Wednesday, February 8, on the White house website. “President Donald trump today officially named 24 people to serve with him in his office”, — stated in the publication. Among those who joined the Cabinet of trump, Vice President Michael Pence, Secretary Rex Tillerson, the attorney General Jeff sessions, the head of national intelligence, Daniel Coates, Director of the Central intelligence Agency Michael Pompeo, along with Ministers of defense James Mattis, the interior Ryan Zinke, agriculture Sonny Perdue, Commerce Wilbur Ross, labor Andrew Pazder, health Thomas Price, transport Elaine LAN Chao, energy, James Perry, education Elizabeth DeVos and others. Earlier on 8 February, trump accused the Democratic party that it interferes with his administration. “It’s a shame that all my office isn’t ready, the longest delay in the history of our country. The interference from

NATO reported about the lack of EU ambition to create an army

Peter Paul The EU has no ambitions to create its own armed forces. This was stated by Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, General Petr Pavel, in an interview published on the website of the Prague newspaper Hospodařské noviny. “We are talking about the development of cooperation in the framework of increasing defense capabilities in the current and future threats. NATO and the European Union cooperate closely and seek to coordinate their efforts,” he commented statements of some European politicians about the necessity of creation of the armed forces of the European Union. Paul, answering a question about his attitude to the critical gaze of the President of the United States Donald trump on NATO, noted that the business space in which billionaire are accustomed to act, based on efficiency and growth. The Chairman of the Military Committee of the Alliance is sure that if the White house will also

In the United States Congress introduced impede the lifting of sanctions against Russia bill

A group of senators belonging to both leading U.S. parties, introduced a bill providing for the need for the President to obtain congressional approval for the lifting of sanctions against Russia. Reported by the Associated Press. As noted, supporters of the bill are concerned that the new head of the White house Donald trump can lift the sanctions without having to “reconsider their aggressive behavior model in the world.” According to the Republican Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham, Russia did nothing to encourage her and ease sanctions. Democratic Senator Ben Cardin from Maryland said that the bill gives Congress the opportunity to act, if he does not agree with the policy of trump against Russia. The document also supports Republican senators John McCain of Arizona and Marco Rubio of Florida. As previously reported, according to the document, the White house will have to provide a detailed report on the

“Smart Russia” ceased to exist

Ella Pamfilova Two Russian party “Smart Russia” and Party of protection of business — ceased to exist. On Wednesday, February 8, Chairman of the Central election Commission, Ella Pamfilova, reports TASS. “At the moment, according to the Ministry of justice, the right to participate in elections have 72 party, since the beginning of February, ceased to exist and was excluded from the register for two,” — said Pamfilova. In the list of registered political parties at the Ministry of justice website until stated both organizations. January 19, Director of the Institute of contemporary Economics Nikita Isaev has informed that has submitted to the justice Ministry to register a new public-political movement “New Russia”. It is assumed that it will participate in the elections in several regions this year, he said. A week earlier, the Ministry of justice registered “non-partisan Russia.” Among the goals of the organization is to unite all

The head of Dagestan noted the order of merits before the Republic of Maslyakov

Alexander Maslyakov The head of Dagestan Ramazan Abdulatipov presented the order “For merits before the Republic of Dagestan”, TV presenter and President of the international “Club of the funny and inventive” (KVN) Alexander Maslyakov. On Wednesday, February 8, reports TASS with reference to press-service of administration of head and government of the region. During the ceremony, which was held in the Moscow youth center “planet of KVN”, Maslyakov said that Dagestan was one of the first republics in the North Caucasus, “where the movement began to develop so extensively”. “It was nice to know that the KVN for the Republic — bright beam. We hope that KVN in Dagestan will develop and further, helping young people to understand themselves and their place in the Republic and in the overall picture of the country”, — quotes the press-service of the word Maslyakov. In addition, he expressed hope that the team of

Zhirinovsky denied that he proposed the inclusion of Belarus into the Russian Federation

Vladimir Zhirinovsky © Anton novoderezhkin/TASS MOSCOW, February 8. /TASS/. The leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky has denied media reports attributed to him calls for the incorporation of Belarus into Russia. “Journalists serve that I offer to include Belarus into Russia. I never had nothing like that,” said he with parliamentary correspondents. Zhirinovsky explained that part of his keynote speech at the 30th Congress of the liberal democratic party discussed cooperation in the gas sphere between Belarus and Russia. “Lukashenko is asking for money more and more. Want to buy gas at domestic prices. I said at the 30th Congress of the liberal democratic party: if domestic prices become part of our state, and you will have all domestic prices and complete security,” – said the leader of the liberal democratic party. He noted that such a statement was to show that “the internal prices should be for those who are

The Russian foreign Ministry disappointed with the decision of the Supreme court of Belarus about the results Lapshin Azerbaijan

© Sergei Savostyanov/TASS MOSCOW, February 8. /TASS/. Russia disappointed by the decision of the Supreme court of Belarus on extradition of Alexander Lapshin Azerbaijan. This was stated by the Russian foreign Ministry. “The Russian side expresses its deep disappointment by the decision, inconsistent with the spirit of allied relations between Russia and Belarus, – stressed in dipvedomstva. – Intend to continue to take all necessary measures to protect the rights and legitimate interests of Russian citizens with the purpose of his speedy return to his family.”