NATO reported about the lack of EU ambition to create an army

Peter Paul

The EU has no ambitions to create its own armed forces. This was stated by Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, General Petr Pavel, in an interview published on the website of the Prague newspaper Hospodařské noviny.

“We are talking about the development of cooperation in the framework of increasing defense capabilities in the current and future threats. NATO and the European Union cooperate closely and seek to coordinate their efforts,” he commented statements of some European politicians about the necessity of creation of the armed forces of the European Union.

Paul, answering a question about his attitude to the critical gaze of the President of the United States Donald trump on NATO, noted that the business space in which billionaire are accustomed to act, based on efficiency and growth. The Chairman of the Military Committee of the Alliance is sure that if the White house will also look at NATO, NATO is the only benefit.

Peter Paul added that trump says about the Affairs directly and harshly, not using politically correct language. “It is important to understand the nature of the Alliance and its role,” he said.