In edition of TV channel RT has found the double tramp

Photo: page “Monson”, “Vkontakte” The chief editor of RT Margarita Simonyan in his Twitter said that one of the employees of the TV channel similar to the US President Donald trump young. “The CIA, pay attention,” said Simonyan. In a tweet she also posted a video in which a “double trump” shows the Japanese portrait of a young President and says that he looked to change hairstyles. Many Japanese recognized that see the resemblance, but several respondents thought that they show pictures of the other person. It turns out that we have a channel a young trump. The CIA note. — Margarita Simonyan (@M_Simonyan) February 9, 2017 In January, the newspaper the New York Times reported that the government’s broadcast of C-SPAN with the discussion of the draft law on securities and exchange Commission abruptly terminated a humorous story about RT, foreign Minister of Poland. The media linked the

The foreign Ministry is considering the possibility of the meeting of Lavrov with U.S. Secretary of state

Photo: 360tv.EN The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation explore the possibility of meeting the head of Department Sergey Lavrov with U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson the meeting of foreign Ministers of the countries “Big twenty” in Bonn, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. This was reported by TASS. Zakharova noted that specific data on the meeting yet. “When will some concrete data, I will share with you” — said Zakharov. The meeting of foreign Ministers of “Big twenty” will be held on February 16-17 in Bonn. The event will discuss the issues of peace and security, including conflict prevention, the implementation of sustainable development plans of the UN for the period up to 2030, cooperation with Africa and other pressing international issues.

During the operation, the doctor mortally wounded patient in the Kursk region

During the surgery the doctor accidentally cut the artery of his patient, and then the woman died, according to SU IC of Russia in the Kursk region.   According to investigators, the incident took place in Zheleznogorsk city hospital №2, which is 12 December 2016 in the surgical Department received a 22-year-old woman with a diagnosis of “chronic cholecystitis”.   During surgery, the patient had sustained a wound to the left iliac artery, causing hemorrhagic shock 4 degrees with an episode of cardiac arrest. After the incident, relatives of the women moved her to a Federal medical biophysical center named after A. I. Burnazyan, Moscow. However, despite there treatment, the patient died on 23 January this year.   Currently the investigating authorities are implementing actions aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the incident and those responsible for the death of the patient physicians. The criminal investigation continues. Foto: CHROMORANGE

The Russians will see the penumbral Eclipse of the moon on Saturday night

In the night of Saturday, the Russians will be able to observe a darkening of the moon, which gets into the earth’s penumbra. It is reported by the Moscow planetarium. It is noted that the penumbral Eclipse will last from 01:34 to 05:53 GMT, it will be observable almost throughout Russia, except the Far East. In the Central part of the country and in Western Siberia the Eclipse you will see the second half of the night, and in Siberia – in the morning. “It will be possible to observe a slight darkening of the top edge of the lunar disk. During the Eclipse, the Moon will be in Leo and will pass through the southern part of the earth’s penumbra”, – told in the planetarium. According to experts, it’s not a real Eclipse, it is formed from the penumbra of the Earth. If the Moon would be in shadow,

APU serves heavy artudary cities DPR – command of the Republic

The armed forces of Ukraine is preparing the artillery at the front-line cities, the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic, reported the Deputy commander of the operational command of the DPR Eduard Basurin.   “The data was obtained on the readiness of units of the AFU (Ukrainian armed forces) to put in the night from 10 for February 11 artillery strikes on Gorlovka, Debaltsevo and Dokuchaevsk with the aim to traditionally accuse us of attacks and to disrupt the memorial service with the DNR hero Colonel Mikhail Tolstykh” — said Basurin.   Earlier it became known that the commander of the battalion “Somalia” of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic Mikhail Tolstoy died in the attack. According to preliminary data, blew up his own headquarters in Makeyevka using RPO “bumblebee”. The headquarters of the DNI has already said that he was able without delay to reach the perpetrators of the attack.

Pence has promised to destroy all the enemies of the United States

Mike Pence The United States will not rest until I destroy all his enemies, including the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). As reported by Politico, said Vice-President Mike Pence, speaking at the Military Academy at West point. “Be assured that the President [Donald] trump, his administration, the entire country will not rest until you have destroyed her enemies and people will be safe again,” said Pence. As noted by the Vice President, the United States faced many threats in its history. Radical Islamists, in his words, seek to “destroy not only the American people, but life itself”. “The barbarians of ISIS dealt harshly with those who interfere with their attempts to create a global Caliphate. And they won’t stop until unless we stop them. And we will stop them”, — quotes RIA Novosti policy. In late January, the US President Donald trump tasked his administration to

Governors blamed for a mobilization call

The state Duma adopted in the third reading the law according to which governors and heads of municipalities will personally lead the recruiting of the Commission on mobilization. This was reported on the website of the lower house of parliaments on Friday, 10th February. “The bill is developed with a view to assigning personal responsibility for the exercise of powers, functions and duties in the field of mobilization preparation and mobilization, ( … ) the heads of Federal Executive authorities, higher officials of subjects of Russia, heads of municipal formations”, — is spoken in the explanatory note. Amendments to the Federal law on the mobilization of 1997, intended to provide a unified approach to the formation of draft boards. In January, 2016, the member of the faction “United Russia” in legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk area Maxim Ivanov suggested to not prohibit an army of men to be elected to Parliament.

The possibility of transition to passport control on the border of Russia and Belarus have not discussed

On-site automobile checkpoint “New yurkovichi” in the border area with Belarus © Vladimir horovi/TASS MINSK, 10 February. /Spec. Q. TASS Vladimir Kostyriv/. Russia and Belarus did not discuss the possibility of transition to the passport regime on the border of the two countries. This was stated in an interview with TASS, Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov. “Not yet discussed or considered, he said, answering the question about the possibility of introducing passport control on the border of Russia and Belarus. – Let’s see what are the results of the discussion in the joint Pogrankondushi is its scope. And while the whole story – just focus on countering the hypothetical risk associated with our work in Syria, including against international terrorism”.

Turkey stated that it had notified Russia of its military airstrike in the district HQs

Turkey stated that it had notified Russia of its military airstrike in the district HQs ANKARA, 10 Feb — RIA Novosti, Alain Palazhchenko. The Turkish General staff informed the Russian side about the stay of its troops in the area, which underwent an airstrike of Air and space forces (VKS) Russia, it is told in received RIA Novosti news Agency the statement of the Turkish military. Earlier, the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov explained that the Russian space forces in the strike in Syria was guided by the coordinates passed to Turkey, and there wasn’t supposed to be the Turkish military. “We consider it necessary to clarify the situation in connection with the statement by Dmitry Peskov, in order to avoid erroneous interpretation. Our military that February 9 was attacked by the plane are one and the same point in the last ten days. February 8, the dislocation