The former Governor of Perm region, Basargin was appointed head rostransnadzora

The former Governor of Perm region, Basargin was appointed head rostransnadzora Moscow. 10 Feb. INTERFAX.RU Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has appointed the former Governor of Perm Krai Victor Basargin, the head of Rostransnadzor. “You finished the work in the region. Given the fact that you have some serious experience at the Federal level, was the Minister of regional development and, of course, know well the regional specificity, I have decided to appoint you to the post of head rostransnadzora” — said Medvedev at a meeting with Basargin. The head of government noted that this work is serious and covers all types of transport from the point of view of safety of passengers, safety of cargo transportation, which can harm the environment. “Knowing that you had contact with these issues and to continue his work, hopefully that will cope with this new challenge at the Federal level”, — said Medvedev. Basargin

Putin expressed readiness to meet with trump in Ljubljana

Putin expressed readiness to meet with trump in Ljubljana Moscow. 10 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — Russian President Vladimir Putin is ready to meet with U.S. President Donald trump, including in the capital of Slovenia — Ljubljana. “I would like to thank you for the willingness of Slovenia to organize the meeting (with the President of the United States Donald trump — if). We are ready for it”, — Putin said at a press conference after talks with Slovenian President Borut Pahor. Earlier, the Slovenian side proposed to facilitate the organization of the first meeting of the presidents of Russia and the USA. As said the Russian President, “if ever these meetings will take place, we have nothing against Ljubljana, these (Russian-American — if) meetings in Ljubljana have already been.” He thanked Pahor for Slovenia’s readiness to organize this meeting.

More than 400 whales have stranded in New Zealand

More than 400 whales have stranded in New Zealand Moscow. 10 Feb. INTERFAX.RU IN New Zealand, 416 whales beached on the coast of the South island, wrote on Thursday The Guardian, noting that it was the biggest “mass suicide” mammals over the past decade. 9фотографий9фотографий9фотографий The Department of conservation organized a rescue, but the animals were so numerous that it took the help of local residents. People were carrying beach buckets, towels and sheets to cool and moisten the body of whales. However, at least three hundred of them died. About 100 managed with the tide to sea. But the whales had not gone deep and stayed near the beach. Rescuers fear that with the low tide, they were again thrown on the shore. This event has become the third largest in the history of New Zealand. In 1918 on the coast of the Chatham Islands jumped a thousand whales,

Media: the canadian five years, was an Argentine library without documents and money

Media: the canadian five years, was an Argentine library without documents and money MOSCOW, 10 Feb — RIA Novosti. Inhabitant of the canadian city of Toronto Anton Philip who disappeared in 2012, found in the Amazon jungle, reports broadcasting Corporation CBC, noting that for five years the man crossed on foot in ten countries without documents and money. Strolling down the road barefoot man in dirty clothes found Brazilian guards. First, the man was mistaken for a beggar, but one of the employees of police managed to talk to him and found out he hails from Canada. After that, the woman called his brother. Relatives believe that the man left the house because of mental illness. “His brother said he had one bizarre mission; to get to the National Library of Buenos Aires in Argentina.” — Laietta_BCN (@FanDeLaliBCN) February 9, 2017 Philip, as it turned out, crossed the US border,

Geneticists have established family ties among the 83% of Russians

Geneticists have established family ties among the 83% of Russians Kinship was able to determine after studying the DNA of more than 1.8 thousand people across Russia. Medical-genetic center Genotek conducted extensive research, by taking DNA samples from 1,848 in age from 20 to 45 years, living in Moscow, St. Petersburg and major Russian cities, finding that 83% of tested people have at least one distant relative. In the study were living not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but the residents of Sochi, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-don, Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Simferopol and Kiev. Among them, the test was conducted “Genealogy” which defines the relationship on the paternal and maternal lines, and also installs ethnicity. Among all investigated have been found 1299 kinship from the fifth to the tenth generation, 549 belonged to the fourth generation, 39 and 27 of the third and second generations, respectively. We came to the conclusion that in

The Prime Minister of Poland got in an accident

The Prime Minister of Poland got in an accident Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo received bruises in the accident, reports Reuters, citing a statement of the official representative of the government made by the public television of Poland. According to him, the accident occurred in the town of Oswiecim near Krakow. In a private car Szydlo crashed into a limousine. Currently the head of the Polish Cabinet is in hospital, where the “routine checkup,” said the representative of the government. “Fortunately, nothing serious with the Prime Minister did not happen”, — said the representative of the Cabinet.

In the state Duma has proposed to allow to serve under contract to citizens without higher education

Photo: RIA Novosti The state Duma Committee on defense today recommended the lower chamber of the Parliament adopted in first reading a government bill allowing to conclude the contract on passage of military service the citizens not residing in the reserve, and the military, serving under call, if they have secondary professional education. On Thursday, February 9, reports TASS. According to current regulations to enter military service under the contract, not having served on an appeal, can be only men, not being in stock, and conscripts with higher education. “Every year, civic organizations produce approximately 500 thousand of technical specialists with secondary vocational education, most of them directly after graduation, subject to an appeal on military service”, — stated in the explanatory note, a copy of which is available to the Agency. It is noted that during the spring conscription campaign last year, was called to more than 32 thousand

The kid in the Playground suffocated under snowdrifts in Ufa

Eleven-year-old student suffocated under the snow on one of the playgrounds Ufa. While playing, the boy was digging tunnels in the huge snow drift, and at some point snow course collapsed. To save the child failed. The correspondent of “Stars” Anatoly Makarov has learned the details of the tragic story.   A boy named Dinar were at the Playground, which has always been a favorite place for games of local children, told his mother Rosie Ahunova.   “There children always play. I can understand if they started today to play there, but they always play there”, – said the mother of Dinara.   Six-foot snowdrift, which suffocated the boy, he sketched the driver of the excavator-thrower. Clearing the courtyard and entrance, the man left the snow around the Playground. Eleven-year-old boy found the other kids.   “We were walking home from school, went on the ice slide ride, then went

The DNR proved the involvement of intelligence services of Ukraine to murder Givi

The investigating authorities of the self-proclaimed DNR proved the cooperation of the Ukrainian special services with persons involved in the murder of the commander of militia battalion “Somalia” Mikhail Tolstoy (call sign “Givi”), reports TASS with reference to the operational command of the Donetsk people’s Republic.   “We do not disclose their names in the interests of the investigation and are confident that those who planned this murder, you’ll regret it,” – said the representative of the command.   The battalion commander was killed on the eighth of February in his office in the attack. The main version is the use of a flamethrower “bumblebee”, but it is not the only one.   Tolstoy took part in the battles for Slavyansk, Ilovaisk and Donetsk airport. In September 2016, he was awarded the rank of Colonel of the DNI.

A farewell ceremony for the Givi: video from quadcopter

To bid farewell to those killed in the attack, the commander of the battalion of militia DND “Somalia” Mikhail Tolstoy, known under the Callsign Givi, came 55 thousand people. This figure is called the government of the breakaway Republic.   The ceremony was held in the center of Donetsk at the Opera. At the end of the coffin with the body Fat for military tradition mounted on a gun carriage, followed by a procession through the city center proceeded to the cemetery. The people applauded and chanted “Thank you!”.   Givi buried near the grave of his comrade Arsene Pavlov, better known as Motorola. He also was not killed on the battlefield. As stated in the militia, the battalion commander both have become symbols of Donbass.   The battalion commander was killed on 8 February in the attack. The basic version – his Cabinet came under fire from a flame