In edition of TV channel RT has found the double tramp


page “Monson”, “Vkontakte”

The chief editor of RT Margarita Simonyan in his Twitter said that one of the employees of the TV channel similar to the US President Donald trump young.

“The CIA, pay attention,” said Simonyan.

In a tweet she also posted a video in which a “double trump” shows the Japanese portrait of a young President and says that he looked to change hairstyles. Many Japanese recognized that see the resemblance, but several respondents thought that they show pictures of the other person.

It turns out that we have a channel a young trump. The CIA note.

— Margarita Simonyan (@M_Simonyan) February 9, 2017

In January, the newspaper the New York Times reported that the government’s broadcast of C-SPAN with the discussion of the draft law on securities and exchange Commission abruptly terminated a humorous story about RT, foreign Minister of Poland. The media linked the event with the hacking, but later in C-SPAN assured that the incident occurred due to a technical error.