Trump administration will review the policy towards Cuba

The US will review its policy against Cuba. This was stated press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer, during a briefing, RIA Novosti reported.   “We are in the process of a complete revision of US policy towards Cuba,” said he.   What specific steps will be taken by the administration of President Donald trump, he said. However, the new American head repeatedly criticized the position of Obama that have made steps to normalize relations with Cuba.   Previous us leader Barack Obama restored relations with Cuba after more than 50 years of confrontation. Photo: Joaquin Hernandez / Globallookpress

On the kilometer depth near the Azores by a German submarine discovered

Researchers from Germany found sunken in the Atlantic ocean 75 years ago a German submarine during world war II off the Azores. It is reported by a non-profit Foundation Rebikoff-Niggeler (FRN), which deals with the monitoring of the inhabitants of the deep-sea environment and the production of documentary films.   According to the Fund, the submarine U-581 in September 2016, the German scientists found Kirsten and Joachim Jacobson. It was at a depth of about 900 feet near the island of Pico. On the wreck of the submarine has formed a deep-water artificial reef. The find was investigated using the submersible LULA 1000.   In February 1942, the British destroyer Westcott was released by German submarine torpedoes and struck its tail end: the submarine began to fill with water and sink.   The commander decided to evacuate the crew and the submarine to sink that went to the enemy. As

Poroshenko has decided to blame the shelling Russia

Petro Poroshenko says that the responsibility for the worsening situation in Avdeevka lies on Russia and the militia of Donbass. The words of the Ukrainian leader leads his press service.   Poroshenko said that the militias themselves have begun approach to positions of the APU, while Kiev is doing everything to comply with the cease-fire.   “The Ukrainian side has done everything possible in order to reflect these attacks started in late January. And all the time stresses the need for a ceasefire”, – stated in the message.   In addition, Poroshenko said that the militia does not specifically give the Ukrainian maintenance crews to begin restoring the infrastructure in the plant. Video: Petro Poroshenko / Facebook Photo: malevska / Instagram

The Russian Embassy in Damascus came under mortar fire on 2 and 3 February

The Russian Embassy in Damascus © Valery sharifulin/TASS MOSCOW, February 3. /TASS/. The Russian Embassy in Damascus came under mortar fire on 2 and 3 February, there were no casualties, but caused material damage. This was stated in the Russian dipvedomstva. “February 2 and 3 complex of the Russian Embassy in Syria twice came under mortar fire. It was fired precisely from the area of Jobar, which hosted the terrorists, – said in a commentary the Russian foreign Ministry. One of the mines exploded in the territory of the Embassy complex between office and residential buildings, the other – 20 metres from the main entrance to the Embassy. There were no casualties, but caused material damage”

Judge from Detroit suspended the anti-immigrant decree trump

Donald Trump District judge of the American city of Detroit, Michigan, temporarily suspended the decree of the President of the United States Donald trump about the restrictions against immigrants. About it reports Reuters. Thus, according to the decree issued by the judge of the Eastern district of Michigan, Victoria Roberts, is prohibited “to refuse entry to the United States to those who live in the country legally on a permanent basis, as well as those who have a valid immigrant visa”. It clarifies the Agency, initially unnamed, the plaintiff asked for a permanent injunction on the Ordinance. Earlier, the judge Ann Donnelly of the Federal district court for the Eastern district of new York allowed foreigners with a valid us visa which has already arrived in the United States and came under the decree on toughening of immigration policy, to temporarily stay in the country. 27 Jan trump has signed

The media reported details about the person who attacked a military patrol near the Louvre Museum

The man who made morning of 3 February, an attack on a military patrol near the Louvre Museum in Paris, is a native of Egypt. About it reports Reuters, citing a source close to the investigation. It is noted that he entered the territory of France at the end of January this year. In the morning, armed with machetes man, shouting “Allahu Akbar”, attacked a military patrol guarding the order around the Paris Museum. In response, soldiers opened fire on the attackers. He was injured and was taken to the hospital. Slightly injured one of the soldiers, he was also hospitalized. According to the head of the Paris police, Michel KADO, a separate replica of the attacker suggests that he intended to carry out a terrorist attack.

The Russian Embassy in Damascus was again fired from mortars

The Russian Embassy in Damascus came under mortar fire on 2 and 3 February. This is stated in the comments of the Department of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry. It is noted that the fire was aiming from the Jobar district of the Syrian capital, in which “controlled by the terrorists”. “One of the mines exploded on the territory of the Embassy complex between office and residential buildings, the other — 20 metres from the main entrance to the Embassy. There were no casualties, but caused material damage”, — is spoken in the message of the Ministry of foreign Affairs. Before the Russian Embassy in Damascus was attacked several times. In particular, 29 Dec Mina got on the territory of the diplomatic mission near the entrance to the consular section. She was released from area controlled by militants in the suburbs of Damascus. The explosion caused minor

Peskov told about the actions of Russia in conflict settlement in the Donbass

The Russian side could undertake efforts to resolve the conflict in the Donbass only at political and diplomatic levels. On Friday, February 3, said the Kremlin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, reports the correspondent of”.ru”. According to him, the work of the contact group is conducted including with participation of the assistants of the Russian President. “The main thing now is some way to force and persuade Kiev to abandon here such here adventures enough criminal and could undermine the Minsk process,” said Sands, answering the question of journalists that Moscow is taking, to prevent shelling of Donetsk “Grad” by the Ukrainian military. In the night of Friday residential quarters of the city was subjected to massive rocket fire from heavy caliber weapons. In the attack two people were killed and another 10 injured. The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called actions of the Ukrainian military barbarism and accused

In Khabarovsk Krai girl killed after dog bite

In Khabarovsk territory five year old girl killed after dog bite. On Friday, February 3, reported on the website of the Investigative Committee (IC) in the region. The animal attacked the girl in the village of Krasnoselskoe, where she came with her parents to visit her grandparents. A dog belonging to an elderly couple, was bitten by the girl when she was playing with her in the yard. The child had damaged the carotid artery, and she died on the way to the hospital. Later on the body was also discovered bite marks on her hand and foot. It is noted that the girl often visited my grandparents and played with the dog, however, before this incident animal the child is not attacked. Employees of the SC began checking on the fact of what happened. Dog put to death. 2 February in Moscow, the dog tore the widow of Soviet

Krasnodar Governor refused to expedite the repairs named in his honor the road

Veniamin Kondratiev Residents of the village of Taman in Krasnodar region drew the attention of the Governor Veniamin Kondratiev on the broken road, which was “named” in his honor. The corresponding video head of the region commented on his Twitter page on Friday, February 3. “Find out the situation with the road in the village of Taman. This is a newly built suburban area. Now there are six houses,” wrote the Governor. He acknowledged that the road needs repair, but stressed that the first works will be carried out in the settlements, where 60 or more houses. “Not to mention the fact that the street was smashed heavy. And will continue until the district is not completed,” — said Kondratiev. Video: Tapadar Krasnodar / Twitter The video of Taman, which is seen as the locals hung on the fence several sheets with the inscription “Street name of the Governor of