On the kilometer depth near the Azores by a German submarine discovered

Researchers from Germany found sunken in the Atlantic ocean 75 years ago a German submarine during world war II off the Azores. It is reported by a non-profit Foundation Rebikoff-Niggeler (FRN), which deals with the monitoring of the inhabitants of the deep-sea environment and the production of documentary films.


According to the Fund, the submarine U-581 in September 2016, the German scientists found Kirsten and Joachim Jacobson. It was at a depth of about 900 feet near the island of Pico. On the wreck of the submarine has formed a deep-water artificial reef. The find was investigated using the submersible LULA 1000.


In February 1942, the British destroyer Westcott was released by German submarine torpedoes and struck its tail end: the submarine began to fill with water and sink.


The commander decided to evacuate the crew and the submarine to sink that went to the enemy. As a result of 46 people, 24 were rescued, but soon fell into British captivity.

Photo: imago stock&people / Globallookpress